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  • 337.
    Introit : V. Litany Of Beauty

    Joy, if the Soul or aught immortal be,
    How may this Beauty know mortality?

    O Beauty, perfect child of Light,
    Sempiternal spirit of delight!
    White and set with gold like the gold of the night,
    The gold of the stars in quiet weather,--
    White and shapely and pure!--
    O lily-flower from stain secure,
    With life and virginity dying together!

    One lily liveth so,
    Liveth for ever unstained, immortal, a mystic flower:
    Perfectly wrought its frame,
    Gold inwrought and eternal white,
    White more white than cold of the snow,
    For never, never, near it came,
    Never shall come till the end of all,
    Hurtful thing in wind or shower,
    Worm or stain or blight;
    But ever, ever, gently fall
    The dews elysian of years that flow
    Where it doth live secure
    In flawless comeliness mature,
    Golden and white and pure.
    In the fair far-shining glow
    Of eternal and holy Light.

    Beauty of earthly things
    Wrought by God and with hands of men!
    Beauty of Nature and Art,
    Fashioned anew for each Time brings,
    For each new soul and living heart!
    Beauty of Beauty that fills the ken
    Till the soul is swooning, faint with delight!
    Beauty of human form and voice,
    Of eyes and ears and lips!--
    O golden hair and brow of white!--
    Wine of Beauty that whoso sips
    Doth die to a spirit free, and rejoice,
    Living with God and living with men,
    Rapt rejoice in eternal bliss,
    Raising his face to meet the kiss
    Of the Beauty seraphic he sees above
    In figure of his love.

    O Beauty of Wisdom unsought
    That in trance to poet is taught,
    Uttered in secret lay,
    Singing the heart from earth away,
    Cunning the soul from care to lure,--
    O mystic lily, from stain and death secure,
    Till the end of all to stay!
    O shapely flower that must for ever endure!
    O voice of God that every heart must hear!
    O hymn of purest souls that dost unsphere
    The ravished soul that hears! O white, white gem!
    O rose that dost the senses drown in bliss!
    No thought shall stay the wing, or stem
    The song or win the heart to miss
    Thy love, thy joy, thy rapture divine!
    O Beauty, Beauty, ever thine
    The soul, the heart, the brain,
    To own three in a loud perpetual strain,
    Shriller and sweeter than song of wine,
    Than song of sorrow or love or war!

    Beauty of heaven and sun and day,
    Beauty of water and frost and star,
    Beauty of dusk-tide, narrowing, grey!

    Beauty of silver light,
    Beauty of purple night,
    Beauty of solemn breath,
    Beauty of closèd eye, and sleep, and death!

    Beauty of dawn and dew,
    Beauty of morning peace,
    Ever ancient and ever new,
    Ever renewed till waking cease
    Or sleep for ever, when loud the angel's word
    Through all the world is heard!

    Beauty of brute and bird,
    Beauty of earthly creatures
    Whose hearts by the hand of God are stirred!

    Beauty of the soul,
    Beauty informing forms and features,
    Fairest to God's eye,--
    Beauty that cannot fade or die
    Though atoms to ruin roll!

    Beauty of blinded Trust,
    Led by the hand of God
    To a heaven where Cherub hath never trod!

    Austere Beauty of Truth
    Lighting the way of the just!

    Splendid Beauty of Youth
    Staying when Youth is sped,
    Living when Life is dead,
    Burning in funeral dust!

    The glory of form doth pale and pall,
    Beauty endures to the end of all. read more »

  • 338.
    Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty
    How beautiful you are?
    You sleeping on bed of flowers
    The angels fly around guarding you read more »

  • 339.

    The beauty of a woman
    Is not in the clothes she wears
    The figure she carries
    Or the way she combs her hair. read more »

  • 340.
    beauty hurts

    not any words
    can heal the wounds you caused
    not any passing time
    can release me read more »

  • 341.
    Unconventional Beauty

    Unconventional beauty
    is what you possess.
    It is in your face and
    in your heart no less. read more »

  • 342.
    look upon your beauty

    To look upon your beauty,
    Illuminates our soul
    How fortunate we are
    that we have found the beauty so true read more »

  • 343.
    Death by Beauty

    Beauty is the source of all things in day,
    but then Death comes to take our sight away.
    Beauty is the sower of love and peace,
    then Death comes a knocking so it can reap. read more »

  • 344.
    Part One

    Your beauty made my heart skip a beat
    From the very first time we meet
    Your beauty comes from the smile on your lips
    Down to the curve of your hips read more »

  • 345.
    Beauty of Spring

    it starts with the grass
    slowly, blade by blade
    growing, sprouting, covering
    while more beauty is made read more »

  • 346.
    The beauty for an individual human being

    The beauty for the cultivating land is attributed
    to be paddy and sugarcane plantations;

    The beauty for the pond is the read more »

  • 347.

    Beauty's from the heart
    If you know it then you're smart
    Beauty's from above
    Kindness fits you like a glove read more »

  • 348.
    Beauty To Be Free

    Make me a sunshine that burst
    In the sky
    Make me a mountain that touches
    The morning light read more »

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