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Poems About: BEAUTY

In this page, poems on / about “beauty” are listed.

  • 229.

    The blind love
    Beauty and love
    Together resided
    Heavenly resorts above read more »

    akram saqib
  • 230.

    Beauty is a stupid thing, anywhere you go,
    The more I see pretty faces, the more my sadness grows.
    Beauty is a bother; it brings me grief and pain,
    Hanging over me like a cloud of pure petty disdain! read more »

    Kelly Curiel
  • 231.
    Just Before Dawn

    Just before dawn
    Ere light glows
    Just as cock crows
    Before the early morning bell read more »

    Babatunde Aremu
  • 232.

    But beauty is not just in the eyes of the beholder
    Music told me, like earrings, it lies also in the beholder's ears.
    And when years come to pass we lose sight and grow older,
    Is there no more beauty? What about what the beholder hears? read more »

    Mishack Mchunu
  • 233.

    I am devastated by your beauty daily—
    I wonder what God had in mind to torment men on this earth to look upon such beauty as yours on this earth.
    Much like the forbidden flower of Eden so beautiful but so far from my reach. read more »

    Timothy Honeycutt
  • 234.
    The Avalanche of my Thoughts

    The books derailed from such resemblance,
    Did they forget or deliberately did they spare,
    Perhaps the obvious reasons kept it descrete,
    To talk about beauty but forget about the traits, read more »

    Gaylord Munemo
  • 235.
    Fairest beauty

    Thou fairest beauty thou art called
    You who graced the earth with thy beauty and smile
    You who endowed and blessed the earth with thy presence
    Thy bright eyes feed'st the skies with thy gradience read more »

    Chidera Victor
  • 236.
    A Strange Shiver.........

    A strange shiver of kindly feel,
    Veiled me all over,
    A crush i made on beauty of life,
    The beauty enclosing strings of codes... read more »

    abeer zehra
  • 237.

    When I look at a beautiful woman,
    my mind dreams of a passionate love,
    but when the lust for passion subsides,
    I am still looking for the beauty in love. read more »

    Jay P Narain
  • 238.
    When I Want To See Beauty

    When I want to see beauty I need not travel far
    Not even for a short drive in a car
    Outside my window on flowering callistemon tree
    A natural thing of beauty there to see. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 239.

    Beauty is the best treasure for one’s eyes.
    It is a fact that no one can deny.
    But beauty is not only for the windows to our souls,
    It can also be a precious for our souls, minds, or both! read more »

    Jason Choi
  • 240.


    It’s the wish of one and all in their lifetime
    To look beautiful and behave clever. read more »

    Vidi Writes
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