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A Beautiful Saturday Morning With My Darling - Poem by Michael P. McParland

Good morning my sweet beautiful darling
and as I move about at a medium pace getting
myself moving and together I think of you
to give myself a smile and send all of
my loving warmth to you to give you a ray
of sunshine and make you smile too.
A beautiful good Saturday morning to you
and sweet kisses to you my sweet Kira
for all that you do and just for who you are.
Sweet kisses and hugs to you because I love you
so very much and treasure you like nothing else.

A beautiful Saturday morning with you is the
dream that I have in my heart and mind and am
sending to you to give your heart light and peace
and so you'll know that I'm with you giving my love in full
because I want to always be with you as
my only partner in life to share everything with.
To be with a family of our own and to enjoy
things with our families in so many ways.
A beautiful Saturday morning dream of being with you
as we sit on the couch drinking our coffee
with you curled and cozied up in my arms
and we talk about all of the charms in this life
that we have and hope to share.
A beautiful Saturday morning with my Kira so fair.

A beautiful morning filled with sweet snuggling and kissing
as we just bask in the glow of the eternal love
that we are always enjoying and feeling.
A beautiful morning of good coffee of your choosing because
that's one of your many areas of expertise over me
and I know that you know the greatest stuff.
Snuggling while just softly talking and then maybe
even another book we've chosen along side the other
but is lighter for beautiful mornings spent together
smiling and rejoicing in the life we share and treasure.
Oh a beautiful Saturday morning with my beautiful Kira,
I can't wait for these days I'll sop deeply cherish.

A good and beautiful Saturday morning to you
my sweet precious darling Kira
and rather it will be here or there it doesn't matter
because beautiful mornings with you will be
everything that truly makes me happy and matters.
Beautiful Saturday mornings with beautiful Kira
the woman I stand by and give myself to forever and ever.
The woman that I will stand up and by for defending her solely,
My beautiful Kira who is my universe, soul mate Angel and everything.
So I have this dream and send it to share with you
of a beautiful Saturday morning in each others arms,
a beautiful Saturday morning with you the woman I
so deeply treasure and love to no end because you are my best friend.
God bless you Kira to feel my warmth and my love
and to feel it so deep share with me today and always
this beautiful dream that we'll live when we come together again.

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