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- Dear My Lovely Beauty Princess2- - Poem by Ali Sabry

My lovely lady good morning and I hope it will be a nice day today to you, Darling please let me hear your voice for once in all my life, Cause I really miss you from all my heart, I had never slept for days cause I'm always thinking and thinking of you in all the night every day, I wish that I can feel you around me everywhere I go, Breathing the same air each other, I kept you here in my heart in whole these long years with all these beautiful words and romantic poems that I wrote them all personally to you, Because I loved you the moments I saw you for the first time, My love I think this is the best time to put all these poems and my proofs in my love to you in your beautiful hands, My princess I want to tell you that nobody loved you more than me, In all the night I was writing all these poems alone with all my sadness, Fatima I chosen you from all these ladies cause you have that awesome beauty and there is no girl have your beauty in whole the world you know this and I found my happiness in your beautiful angel eyes from the first time I met you, You're beautiful name is printed here in the middle of my white heart and in my brain too cause there is no better to choose you are my lovely princess forever in whole my life, My heart will stop of his beating and I will goanna die if you are keeping you're self silence in front of me in all the time, Why you are doing this to me is there something wrong in me please tell me, You don't seem that if you compare my love to you with a gold mountains you will see that my love is most expensive from all these gold mountains cause it's an endlessly love it's love forever, I really want to set you my wife forever it's my dream and I hope it will became true in someday and then I can see you beside me in all the time cause I feel in comfort just when you are near me and nothing can take me far away from you, I will vanish anybody who want to touch a locks of your hair, My love I mean that and I swear to you that you will discover soon who I am, I'm the young man who loved you really from all his heart and he is ready to put all he have in your beautiful hands to make you happy always in all the time, Darling this is a short story you can say that, Honey I can't tell you what I feel here deep inside cause you are so far from me you are living in a country it restrain me to come to see you, I couldn't show you all I have, Our connection between us is only these small words, Nothing can express how I love you so much my lovely beauty lady, So I have to see you soon to proof all this to you darling I'm the young man who loved you from all his heart, At my end of my short story I want to send to you my best regards from all my heart with a roses flowers and my big hot kisses to you my beautiful princess, God bless you honey in whole your life take care for yourself.

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