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The Darkness Within - Poem by Shaye Devi

It begin at such a young age, in such a beautiful world. A young boy, just becoming a man felt the as if the depths of the oceans had flooded his thoughts. It felt as though he was unable to breathe, a large weight pressing down on his chest. This was the weight of sadness and anger, all that is directed towards himself. Such a beautiful world he lived in, where the trees swayed so softly in the light breeze, and the essence of his mothers baking lingered around their home. Not even the beauty of the shining golden sun, or the bright smiles of his siblings could take the pain away. This was the worst kind of pain, a pain one feels all to the themselves, a pain which one cannot understand. Years would pass in this beautiful world, and slowly the trees began to shrivel up and they no longer swayed. The amount of hatred he had for himself grew each day, until he decided he no longer was for this beautiful world. So, his mother continued to bake, the sun kept shining, the world kept turning but the universe had lost such a beautiful soul, to the darkness that is within.

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