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Poems About: BEACH

In this page, poems on / about “beach” are listed.

  • 337.
    My World

    Your like my heart,
    Without you I would die
    Or like the sand on my beach
    Without you my beach would be stupid and pointless read more »

    Sierra Case
  • 338.
    The nature for me

    Have you ever heard the songs of birds?
    Have you ever seen the moon hugged the sea?
    Have you ever danced on a rainy day?
    Have you ever heard the beach whisperings? read more »

    Earam Dio
  • 339.
    One By One

    They came, one by one,
    In the boats and in the planes,
    They came.
    On the beaches and on the cliffs read more »

    Joseph Acuna
  • 340.
    Travel Haiku - Anguilla elysian beaches (Caribbean)

    Anguilla Little Bay
    a pulsating sapphire
    beyond the hills read more »

    john tiong chunghoo
  • 341.
    The Women Like Mother Nature

    blue skys overnight sittin alone on the beach
    im outta my mind
    the special one i cant find
    sparkling stars read more »

    James Bost
  • 342.
    Travel Haiku - Quietness of Los Santos

    snugly we take in
    the quietness
    of Los Santos read more »

    john tiong chunghoo
  • 343.

    Waves topple like skittles down the beach
    A gecko is the room’s unpaying guest
    Sinbad sailed these seas by such a moon
    The old colonial bed stands on stiff legs read more »

    sheena blackhall
  • 344.
    afternoon fading

    at the beach
    something is going on

    a change of colors read more »

  • 345.
    016GM16H umbrella is not enough

    beach umbrellas are beach mushrooms
    they come in so many beautiful colors
    at 90's it's nice to have above your head
    anchor it very good so it won't fly away read more »

    Manonton Dalan
  • 346.
    Waves Of Memorys

    As the waves role up onto the beach
    I think of happy days
    As I walk along the sand I remember the times we spent all night on the phone
    As I sit on the beach I remember read more »

    Jonathan Poland
  • 347.

    It’s the fire during winter, a canary, and a strawberry,
    It sounds like waves on the beach, the wisp of the wind, and the chirp of birds,
    It is the smell of a fresh baked cake, fresh watermelon, and smoke,
    Hard, dark, and unusual is how it feels, read more »

    Makeiah De'Ajahla Karmea Adams
  • 348.
    040710a would you rather keep your shirt

    lovely women from portland, maine
    bare their backs in protest on men
    huge crowds came to be entertain
    with cameras taking picture frame read more »

    Manonton Dalan
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