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A Day On The Beach - Poem by John Paul Wilson

And God made Seaton for
These suntan women, polaroid men
Wondering their lives out on the beach
Disgraced beneath the feeble, milky sun
By the bodies on the beach to be redeemed;
Reflecting of the sea, a million

Behind, the front continues, flagged and dotted
Keeping Seaton's guard toward the sea,
Echoing sound from far, far out,
While the stones chink
And the wavelets hiss, and rush
In from the hairline horizons of the sea
Stony movement, swollen fortune.

The little girl
Takes a step,
She steps along the beach
And stops,
Considering the ocean...

Mrs. Porter, or her daughter
Glinting, like a weapon, on the prom,
Would bite her lip, never saying:
‘I would be young again, I would be young! '
Cry, o cry, for Angela, o aye!
She sits besieged, and counts the days,
Chewing at a liquorice stalk
Making this crippled idle talk
To count away the days of pain;
For them to blossom, she must pray
That HE will take her far away.

* * * *

The pier fucks the sea; she
Docked near the base.
Lips curled, sea swirls,
She drops off to sleep.
Far out upon a reef
She finds relief
From her salt unmitigated grief.

Hark! The band upon the strand!
The obese alderman
Upon the sand is stranded
In forlorn hope is landed.
The sailor whoops and calls,
His flag upon his balls.
His ship sails out of sight...

She wakes in foggy fright.
Mean men with black mustaches
Surround her severally!
(The seer sucks the pea,
Meditatively) .
Her deckchair now is sinking
Her dream is interlinking
With the seaman's thinking.

On the beach
The little girl is there,
Standing, still,
The sea lapping her toes.
Without a word,
She turns, and goes….
(She stretches, yawns, and rubs
Between her toes. Looks up:
The clock strikes half past four.
The seagull retches) .

Cloud tower of the red, red horizon.
A fly buzzed on a café window
Where the waiter joked
In time to the waves
‘Lou soleu mi fa canta! '
Cries float through the air,
Coming from under the sea,
Bubbles over the land, rising:
‘Polly come home to me! '

‘What is that sad sound coming from beach hut number 11…? '

The esplanade rings emptily
To the sound of the sea.
Existence which wraps itself around,
Mechanically things are perpetuated.
Existence which is mistaken for
This dolorous beach.

Now, the sun drowns.
The man yawns
(the empty bath-huts yawn) .
Now I am here, alone,
Me, whom I see, ill-at-ease,
Trying to please
What we see upon the shore.

I open a green door, pull out a deckchair
Drag it to the tidemark. I sit down.
How far away existence has withdrawn!
(I slowly bob around, a piece of old orange peel) .

Night falls. The seagull twists, turns
Through the mist. The seagull wheels.
Here I am, orange peel
On the water tippling my face.
How far away existence has withdrawn!

Here I am, glass prism on the beach
- a token, broken.
Here I am, with the swimming costumes
All taken away.

Watery, the world of the dead.
Where we the dead are sunken.
Chase, chase, against the rubbing of the tide
Where life will come back again; all your might
Retaining, with suspended cry
The stir-and-sigh
Of Lady Nazareth
Against the night.

Light shed, hush! The torchlight widens.
Shuffling, hasty footsteps pass, recede.
Way out there
The waves break
The waves rake
The brave bones
Of the seabed.

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