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Poems About: AUTUMN

In this page, poems on / about “autumn” are listed.

  • 49.
    Autumn Leaves

    A haunting sound is heard softly whistling,
    like a magic flute in the distance playing,
    luring summer leaves to hum and sway,
    to don new colours, to dance and to play; read more »

    Isam Hussain
  • 50.

    Autumn came in multicolors last year,
    Fiery reds and burnished oranges
    Bright yellows and rusty greens,
    Painted leaves that floated read more »

    Joseph Enright
  • 51.

    Off the spring
    Autumn deserves the right
    To enter into natural calamities read more »

    ramesh rai
  • 52.
    A Fan

    One side is spring the other autumn
    you are the spring I the autumn

    the spring and the autumn read more »

    Rose Lu ( Bing hua )
  • 53.
    ! ! It's the Tattered End of Autumn

    It’s the tattered end of autumn,
    when the beech tree’s yellow dress
    has rusted
    and a thick carpet read more »

    Alison Cassidy
  • 54.
    Autumn Air

    Autumn wind clear
    Autumn moon bright
    Fall leaves gather and scatter
    Jackdaw perch again startle read more »

    Li Bai
  • 55.
    Wind Chill On A Summer Day

    It should be a summer's day
    It was hot and shiny yesterday
    It might be that
    Autumn comes to the site read more »

    Cathy Shao
  • 56.
    Fade to Grey

    Shane and Shay raking leaves in the autumn breeze
    oh to be free under the trees in that autumn breeze
    Tumbling and falling, scarlet red and amber warm
    Shane and Shay in sync with fall read more »

    Ophelia Deborah Payne Jarrett
  • 57.
    ...........................AUTUMN'S SONG

    . read more »

  • 58.
    Autumns Golden Wreath...

    On dusty fields of umber
    Ther' be no trail nor trace of Summer
    Octobers breath unfolds
    A wreath of Autumn, solid gold read more »

    Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR
  • 59.

    Autumn days are here
    Autumn Days filled with fear
    Woeful shadows of the war
    Took away the peace out of the souls read more »

    Sossi Khachadourian
  • 60.
    Memories Of An Autumn Leaf

    aged flesh

    of an read more »

    Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)
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