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Secret Life Of Bees - Poem by Tatiana Enriquez

my memories call to me, the sight of my mother plays in my head.

T-ray doesn't speak of her

When he does he just says that she left me

so i ran away with rosaleen

I sure did.Stole her right outta the hospital before they put her back in jail.

i found myself in a small town Tiburon, South Carolina
looking for clues that my mother had been there

living with the calendar sisters (may, june and august)

Pretending to be someone I'm not headed to place I'm certain I'm not going.

The honey makers, as they are called

honey, honey, honey is used for everything

June played for the dead, while May mourned for them.

May was the world's twin, feeling the pain of everybody

Her wailing wall was full of notes I bet some where for june and neil

sorrow grabs a hold of the house

When Zack's arrested for throwing a bottle, May couldn't take it.

Till we found out that the river how it claimed her life.

A letter is all that's left

For may: May she find peace in god's arms

A sign was all need to know I was loved by her.

I finally told August the truth, and she told me the answer to the questions.

August gave me my mother's things

There was my sign

But my peace didn't last long

Then all of a sudden the devil himself was on the doorstep

Living in the past; he grabbed my hair and tried to yank me out.

After I learned the truth about my mother and the way T. Ray used to be

And seeing him now. the only question i had for him now was aboout my question, as i watched him drive

thats when august, june, rosaleen and the daughters of mary, they became my new family and that's how it will stay/

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