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Poems About: AUGUST

In this page, poems on / about “august” are listed.

  • 289.

    Maygan my best friend.
    We'll be friends,
    'Til the end, read more »

    Olivia Taylor
  • 290.
    The Winter Rose

    Forty plus years
    this rose began its start
    with a love so pure
    from two connected hearts read more »

    DonnaDeLong Matthews
  • 291.
    These Are Things Remembered

    The hot sun burning your skin
    That feeling of the wet field grass on your shoes
    That cooling breeze that autumn brings
    These are things remembered read more »

    Christina Marty
  • 292.
    Lost In The Middle

    Loud and constant are the screams
    The scream's origin tears at the soul
    Power's endurance is too strong
    Yet the wisdom to prevent remains inhaled read more »

    Billy Thompson
  • 293.
    Prayer for Our Nurses

    Lord, be with all those women
    who, in Your name, freely chose
    their noble lives of daily sacrifice,
    dispensing, in the name of Christ, read more »

    Willem VanVoorthuysen
  • 294.

    I scattered your words across the beach tonight
    under a three quarter moon
    while gentle waves lapped at my toes
    and the whole evening seemed to vibrate read more »

    Gainor Ventresco Laney
  • 295.
    My Addled Brain

    Those frenzied ramblings of the Mind,
    Keep me from sleep, they’re so unkind.
    My addled brain with thoughts explores,
    Why does it wander more and more? read more »

    Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet
  • 296.
    The Swirl of Blades

    The swirl of blades above windows high,
    As helicopter engines reverberate the sky,
    The quiet morning air is broken thus,
    As the blades against the sky do thrust. read more »

    Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet
  • 297.
    The Sword of Damocles

    The Sword of Damocles doth swing,
    Doth swing from me to you
    It taketh my heart and love from here
    And sets it in thine hand read more »

    Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet
  • 298.

    The lighthouse looms up so tall so strong
    The men who once worked there are now sadly gone
    It's progress they say to replace man with machine
    But when boats are in trouble who's there to be seen read more »

    richard moore
  • 299.

    You say you love me
    This i know is true
    though it is rarely shown by you
    It's not something you hear read more »

    Stephanie van Oudtshoorn
  • 300.
    Heart on a String

    This morning, I chose life
    Summer is gone
    with her she has taken my seaside dreams
    I stood too long at the shore read more »

    Gainor Ventresco Laney
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