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Poems About: AUGUST

In this page, poems on / about “august” are listed.

  • 289.

    The lighthouse looms up so tall so strong
    The men who once worked there are now sadly gone
    It's progress they say to replace man with machine
    But when boats are in trouble who's there to be seen read more »

    richard moore
  • 290.
    LOVE IS...

    Oneself and Others,
    As they are,
    For their needs. read more »

    Marco Polo
  • 291.

    Maygan my best friend.
    We'll be friends,
    'Til the end, read more »

    Olivia Taylor
  • 292.
    August Thirteen,1961

    It is today that you remembered,
    they built the wall, seemingly overnight.
    Berlin was what it was and would not be,
    they said the communists were swines, read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 293.
    Prayer for Our Nurses

    Lord, be with all those women
    who, in Your name, freely chose
    their noble lives of daily sacrifice,
    dispensing, in the name of Christ, read more »

    Willem VanVoorthuysen
  • 294.

    I scattered your words across the beach tonight
    under a three quarter moon
    while gentle waves lapped at my toes
    and the whole evening seemed to vibrate read more »

    Gainor Ventresco Laney
  • 295.
    All Across The Nation

    All Across The Nation,
    Is Hunger And Starvation.

    All Across The Nation, read more »

    James Lee Watts
  • 296.
    One Thousand Roses

    One beautiful Saturday in August
    When the leaves began to drop
    From out in the lake came a cruiser
    To anchor at Buckhorn Dock His smile was as broad as the Ocean read more »

    Amanda Combs Feltner
  • 297.
    In The Cold

    Searching for my soul
    from the rubble left of rage
    Muzzled in my moaning
    as you rope me down for rape read more »

    O. Abbas Mimiko
  • 298.
    Our Crushed Rose

    Upon the hills of England
    The brightest rose bloomed,
    And people admired it's beauty
    But this rose was doomed. read more »

    Claire Chambers
  • 299.

    There is a tree
    standing alone on the side of the road
    outcast of its own nature
    though it's August read more »

    Kim McInnis
  • 300.

    He spread his importance
    like a princely cape
    across her path,
    intended she should notice read more »

    barbara foster schutz
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