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  • 289.
    Death In The Forest

    August 2: 1100

    Where the greenwood is greenest
    At gloaming of day,
    Where the twelve-antler'd stag
    Faces boldest at bay;
    Where the solitude deepens,
    Till almost you hear
    The blood-beat of the heart
    As the quarry slips near;
    His comrades outridden
    With scorn in the race,
    The Red King is hallooing
    His bounds to the chase.

    What though the Wild Hunt
    Like a whirlwind of hell
    Yestereve ran the forest,
    With baying and yell:--
    In his cups the Red heathen
    Mocks God to the face;
    --'In the devil's name, shoot;
    Tyrrell, ho!--to the chase!'

    --Now with worms for his courtiers
    He lies in the narrow
    Cold couch of the chancel!
    --But whence was the arrow?

    The dread vision of Serlo
    That call'd him to die,
    The weird sacrilege terror
    Of sleep, have gone by.
    The blood of young Richard
    Cries on him in vain,
    In the heart of the Lindwood
    By arbalest slain.
    And he plunges alone
    In the Serpent-glade gloom,
    As one whom the Furies
    Hound headlong to doom.

    His sin goes before him,
    The lust and the pride;
    And the curses of England
    Breathe hot at his side.
    And the desecrate walls
    Of the Evil-wood shrine
    Lo, he passes--unheeding
    Dark vision and sign:--

    --Now with worms for his courtiers
    He lies in the narrow
    Cold couch of the chancel:
    --But whence was the arrow?

    Then a shudder of death
    Flicker'd fast through the wood:--
    And they found the Red King
    Red-gilt in his blood.
    What wells up in his throat?
    Is it cursing, or prayer?
    Was it Henry, or Tyrrell,
    Or demon, who there
    Has dyed the fell tyrant
    Twice crimson in gore,
    While the soul disincarnate
    Hunts on to hell-door?

    --Ah! friendless in death!
    Rude forest-hands fling
    On the charcoaler's wain
    What but now was the king!
    And through the long Minster
    The carcass they bear,
    And huddle it down
    Without priest, without prayer:--

    Now with worms for his courtiers
    He lies in the narrow
    Cold couch of the chancel:
    --But whence was the arrow? read more »

  • 290.
    The Fugitive King

    August 7: 1645

    Cold blue cloud on the hill-tops,
    Cold buffets of hill-side rain:-- read more »

  • 291.
    The Irony of Characters

    Deemed read more »

  • 292.
    Dearly Courage and Ghostly Fear

    Dearly Courage and Ghostly Fear
    (August 5,2011) by: Cheng read more »

  • 293.
    A Sacrifice Of Honey

    A Sacrifice of Honey
    Date: August 30,2011

    There was a raging fountain read more »

  • 294.
    Gulf Aftermath 2

    Gulf Aftermath
    By Lori Triggs
    Copyrighted August 15 2010 read more »

  • 295.

    Tell me, o dilettantes,

    And august savants, read more »

  • 296.
    Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams
    Date: August 11,2012

    Do not suffer as I sleep read more »

  • 297.
    I Guess You Never Knew

    I Guess You Never Knew
    Date: August 12,2012

    Just who do you think you are read more »

  • 298.
    Sun Down The Stars

    On a August afternoon
    written becomes
    a fairly sad tale
    of a certain lady read more »

  • 299.
    Brighton That Last Time.

    that last time
    late August
    1980 read more »

  • 300.

    Dancing on the beach
    at sunny August Barwon Heads
    the grandchildren,
    blissfully unconcerned by winter cold, read more »

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