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Cc Diana - Poem by Love love love Rachel Ann Butler

Dramatis personæ
Westminster Abbey, London Saturday 6th September 1997
Princess Diana had her say uncut!


DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES. DIANA FRANCES née Spencer. (b.1 July 1961 - 31 August 1997)                                                                                                       Charles, Princes of Wales whom she married on 29 July 1981 the relationship ended in divorce on 28 August 1996. Youngest daughter of JOHN SPENCER,8TH EARL SPENCER and the HONOURABLE FRANCES ROCHE. 

EDWARD JOHN SPENCER,8th Earl Spencer. (b.24 January 1924 - 29 March 1992)                                                         

EMAD EL-DIN MOHAMED MONEIM FAYED ABDEL known as Dodi Fayed (B.15 April 1955 - 31 August 1997) , an Egyptian multi-millionaire and film producer. The only man that was ever openly in a relationship with the late DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES 

BARRY MANNAKEE (B.June 1947 - 14 May 1987)                                                                             Diana had once said she adored him

Congregation Diana addresses. At the end of the monologue.



Westminster Abbey, London Saturday 6th September 1997

The sound of the Tenor Bell being tolled is heard throughout the city of London.

Inside the Westminister.

All stand as the Procession Visiting Clergy move to places in the Sacrarium, and then sit 

The Spencer family are received at the Great West Door by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster.

All stand as they are conducted to places in the North Lantern, and then sit

Her Majesty The Queen, Her  Majesty Queen Elisabeth, Queen Mother, and His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, are received at the Great West Door by the Dean and Chapter of Westminister.

All stand as their Majesties and His Royal Highness are conducted to their places in the Southern Lantern

The collegiate Body of St Peter in Westminister moves into place in the Nave

All remain standing as the Cortage enters the Great West Door.

All sing the National Anthem. 

Readings read and hymn's sung,9th Earl of Spencer Charles Takes his place in the golden pulpit delivering his eulogy for his sister Princess Diana.

The ghost of Barry Mannakee wanders at the back of the Abbey trying to get a better view of the alter.

Charles Spencer's voice is heard. 

CHARLES; 'I stand before you today the representative of a family in grief, in a country in mourning before a world in shock. 

We are all united not only in our desire to pay our respects to Diana but rather in our need to do so'. 

Enter Diana with her father from the back of the alter, she seems nervous as she looks into the congregation gathered there for her.

Charles Spencer's voice is heard 'For such was her extraordinary appeal that the tens of millions of people taking part in this service all over the world via television and radio who never actually met her',  

(Diana walks towards where her mother is sitting. her father  Earl Spencer walks towards the congregations looking about at who was there. The screen keeps playing but Earl Spencer's voice fades)                                  

8th EARL SPENCER; (From the steps of the alter, he turns to his daughter)                             Darling  they represent themselves to honour you, speak up Diana.                                                                  

DIANA: I lay upon the ground the memories. It began in rude health then ended rudely. Idyllic...

(A bright light pin spots her mother who is holding a rosary and muttering prayers)                                                                                                                            

before my Lady mother abandoned Papa, conspicuous all related, the underling I am oft to be censured. Park House,  

(Diana sighs and smiles remembering her days as a happy family in her childhood home.)                                                                                                       

 Riddlesworth Hall, West Heath.

(Diana giggles at the memories of her time at boarding school.)                                                                                                      

then Buck house and K.P. 

(Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace)                                                                                                      

ceremonies long and many. Often conscious minded, I took the notion for, daydreaming, off with Charles, (9th Earl Spencer)                                                                                                      

Catching tadpoles, (Diana thinks of her prize winning guinea pig)                                                                                            
oh! Peanut, felicitous bygone days. (Diana twists her mouth, looks through her fringe at her pious mother)                                                                                             

 No Lady mother to cherish me, only tears, fears, no goodnight kisses. 

(Diana turns, curtsy to the Queen Elizabeth II of England,8th Earl Spencer comes to the side of Diana and bows to the Queen. A light pin spots her Majesty Queen Elisabeth. Diana holds a makeup compact and peeks over her shoulder at Prince Charles facing her Royal Highness  The Queen of England.                                                                                  

He was the singular crux of my lacerated heart. After hearing his beguiling words his charming face, I  knew no peace. Solo Recumbent I should be? No mercy or beneplacit for me? For him vexatious tears fell. I am a Lady with a lady's resolve, I esteemed him for sake I esteemed him. (Diana curtsy to the Queen)   

(A bright light pin spots her sister Jane.)                                                                                                       

Lady Jane, My sister, my adviser to you I came.
What had been said between us? assented with eyes and brow,  
had love found its bridge? We did not utter words my eyes disclosed my passion, deceived! what I wished to enshroud..
His eyes signal, imply what is not stated, desires! reflection in his eyes.

Shyness lead my eyes to express what lay hidden in my breast. He, indication of pleasure? , what a goose, must be she, Me! (Voice sounds shocked: remembering when she was told the news by her sister years before she had caught Charles eye)                                                                                                       

 He held profound the password of my secret, in his heart. Say, I. Say, I, say, I.

Diana's eyes search the Abbey for Caroline, Ann and Virginia, she seeing her friends dotted around the Abbey. Diana smile at the sight of them then while remembering former times her face forms a moue.

The days stretched before me as an ocean before a ship on its maiden voyage to the final destination, my wedding day. My arms and thoughts were in circadian purgatory until Charles and I would become braided stands of hemp, risen to the universe. 

(Diana walks over to where her father is standing in front of his other two daughters, Diana's sister's)                                                                    

Papa, your cup over flowed when Charles asked for my hand, my retort. If another suitor should my hand seek, set the planets on, alert! . Dares who¿ He is deserving of only me as I am for him.
A flight to marriage, my heart and hand is ready, what rapture to be his. Kings, Queens, distinguished guests.
He plays his instrument finely tuned, mellow, dulcet tone. Swaying affinity motion, universe within us converse. Palpitating 
heart within my breast, his voice amusement upon mine ear. What did, I do, before love dismounted.

(Diana at the side of her family a bright light pin spots her sister Sarah.)                                                                                                      

My Lady in waiting, Lady Sarah, my sister, bedchamber tales of Charles too, hilarious. 

(Diana giggles at the thought she had married her sister's old flame)                                                                                                      

To keep in hand, him abreast. Ah, to be the coat, that sheaths him.
Abide true by fortitude?  In thought and deed as fidelity  (Diana glances at her ex-husband then turns to the congregation)                                                                                 was not his cup.

While the world observed I had perceived. He brought ethicality descending, he, contrived between sunset and sunrise, he, executed this indisputably. Won favours with bagatelle, his gift iniquity. 'C.C' 
(Under her breath)                                                                                                       
Charles, Camilla

(Exit 8th Earl Spencer kisses Diana he walks through the Abbey nodding and smiling at people he sees in the congregations. Out of the doors down the steps into the crowd outside Westminister Abbey)                            

(A bright light pin spots her friend Rosa Monckton, tears welling in her dear friends eyes.)                                                                                                       

DIANA; Rosa 

Still, I affirmed my fervent love. My form waited attendance. My affections he held fast. I deny inclination to depart from him. Our karma proclaimed, entrapped asserting ones choice. C.C.(Under her breath)             Charles and Camilla.

' Hush, I hear my husband' 'To Middlewick house and don´t spare the horses'. Hold your horses nimble and wild call on 
tenacity as treachery is the human condition. 

(A bright light pin spots her dearest friend Jemima)                                                                                                      

A fool am I with her not me, astonished my anima does not fade, 'No'. Only that I am not dead, being uncombined from him. Too frail, to wear a silk dress, ladened with this heavy heart.

(Diana walks in front Prince Andrew, she smiles. A bright light pin spots him.)                                                                                                      

Dear Andrew. One moment Jubilant! the next Sorrowful!  
Capricious was my condition, predetermined. Existing, stranded abandoned in a crystal palace. Profoundly tender he illuminated my emotions, then departed.

(A bright light pin spots Annabell Goldsmith)                                                                                                      

Annabel my mind is still running upon. (Diana pauses)                                                                                                       With each step,  
shards pierced, my soul. His love in-coexistence no hope, he has no predilection for me. Fanfare! for his harem, parade. wretchedly,  
I stood before you! with self neglect.

(A bright light pin spots Elton John, who had sung heartfelt 'Candle in the Wind 'to his friend Diana Princess of Wales)                                                                                                       

 (Diana tilts her head and looks at Elton through her fringe)                         
 Elton, I loved the ballad, Amazing!  
Humble estimate of my merits, gives a pleasing effect? I bestowed and expressed what laid in my heart. Easy to love, hard to love, never to love....
Loved by all.

(A bright light pin spots Paul Burrell)                                                                                                       

My rock, Paul,  

(Diana stares directly tilting her head.)                                                                                                       

Shall you too, betray me? Alone with few friends,  
drink only a third cup with distinguished subjects. By rank,  
title or friend. 

(A bright light pin spots Prince Charles.)                                                                                                      

Heir apparent, my husband -ex The Prince Charles, of Wales. For me too a lover, I take and another. 
Dare me, dare? ,  
dare I, dare me, dare you!  

(A bright light pin spots her sons Will's and Harry)                                                                                                      

Prince William, of Wales, Prince Henry, of Wales. Alone with my gold. Suppose that my home can apprehend, from studies you came. Gladden, it would bow down and worship the ground you walked upon.

(Diana ponders as she walks in front of Prince Charles, and turns, talks to the congregation)                                                                                                       

James Hewitt, (with a cheeky smile on her face)                                                                                   Joviality, yes please. Unsuitable, yes please. Never to, believe the banter, he was the most wicked and passionate of men, bawdy with the boys, holding me tenderly and calm. A betrayer? Betrayal yet to come?  

Willie Carling, (with a cheeky smile on her face)                                                                                  his agile graceful frame, his rivals the rising and the setting sun. With Amrita he filled my cup, should I live unquenched?  

 Hasnat  Khan,  (She frowns looks forlorn)          
                                                                         Oh beau respond, Oh beau converse, Oh beau discourse. This brutal contempt has my sorrow not settled the debt?  
My dear, Embrace, adieu, adieu.

(Diana tilts her and smiles)                                    

(A bright pin spots Mohammed Al-Fayed)            

Mr. Harrods, sweet, generous Dodi. They chase me here they chase me there. I have loved, I cradled modesty. My heart secrets are as deep as an ocean. Who had the key? Who is with me?  

(A bright light pin spots Baroness Margaret Jay)                                                        

DIANA; Once I was a budding blossom, mind free of malice. Life content,  serenity radiated ostensibly.
           (In front of her family, she stands before them)  

Where was  Simone?                                                                   

A cataclysm of my spirit, I was in Paris with another man, not only did she!  

(Diana stands looking at her ex husband Charles, remembering past events)                                                                                                       

 despoil my husband. My arch-betrayer Camilla Parker Bowles, the protagonist of my torment perverter of my natural life. 'The Rottweiler' will become his wife you see however will she fare better than me? I do not envisage, I adored my husband, doted on him. I was betrayed those so close that reality, my reality was a tragedy which there was no purgation on my behalf. 

(Diana looks at her son's runs her hand over their heads)                                                                                                      

'Wills' 'Harrrrrrry'.' 

(Diana looks up at her brother, rolls her eyes, she walks down the aisle of the Abbey  looking about her. The screen playing Earl Spencer's voice is heard)                                                                                                      

CHARLES SPENCER: William and Harry, we all cared desperately for you today. We are all chewed up with the sadness at the loss of a woman who was not even our mother. How great your suffering is, we cannot even imagine. 

I would like to end by thanking God for the small mercies he has shown us at this dreadful time. For taking Diana at her most beautiful and radiant and when she had joy in her private life. 
Above all we give thanks for the life of a woman I am so proud to be able to call my sister, the unique, the complex, the extraordinary and irreplaceable Diana whose beauty, both internal and external, will never be extinguished from our minds. 

(Diana walks towards the door of the Abbey, turning to her brother. Head high. Pin light spots, Charles Spencer,9th Earl Spencer)                                                                                                    

A shelter refused was cruel reward for time and tender, after this precedent disseverment, Never! tis extremity ending harmony.
 (Diana voice pleads)         Brian Adams, Dear Captain, David Waterhouse, James Gilbey, Olive Hoare at no time cessation for you, absolve me?

(Diana stops and looks at Rosa before she walks out of  the Abbey)                                                                                                    

ROSA LAWSON; turns to her husband. Rosa thinks,  
had she just seen the ghost of Diana?  
She really needed to rest put it all behind her.

DIANA; At the moment Diana waves to the crowd while standing at the doors of the Abbey. 
Inside the Abbey Charles 9th Earl Spencer, finishes his eulogy.

An almighty roar from the crowd outside and inside Westminister Abbey.2.5 billion people worldwide, spontaniously cheered and clapped. An extraordinary expression of global emotion.
'Johnnie Spencer' 8th Earl Spencer, walked towards Diana, he smiles and gently takes her hand, he strokes her slender hand. They walk off into the mourning, milling crowd outside the Abbey.   Dodi walks over and hands Diana to hold a small baby in arms swaddled in a pink blanket. 

Act 2 - Act 5
Inside the Westminster Abbey family and friends, Diana walks amongst the crowds and talks with many people bringing comfort to those who could see her behind the veil of death.

Act 6- Diana stands beside the Archbishop of Canterbury as he performs the wedding ceremony of her son William to Catherine Middleton.

                                  The End
Diana addressed then congregation In attendance and with whom Diana speaks to from behind the veil of death.6th September 1997 

THE QUEEN ELIZABETH II ELIZABETH ALEXANDRA MARY, (b.21 April 1926)                                                                                                       Head of State of the UK and 16 other Commonwealth realms. The elder daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, she was born in 1926 and became Queen at the age of 25, and has reigned through more than five decades of enormous political and social changes. The Queen is married to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and has four children and eight grandchildren.

HEIR APPARENT to the thrones of the COMMONWEALTH REALMS. THE PRINCE CHARLES, PRINCE OF WALES Charles Philip Arthur George (b.14 November 1948)                                                                                                       the eldest child of QUEEN ELIZABETH II AND PRINCE PHILLP, DUKE OF EDINBURGH.

THE PRINCE WILLIAM, OF WALES. William Arthur Philip Louis, known as 'Wills' (b.21 June 1982) . The elder son of CHARLES, PRINCE OF WALES and the late DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES. Grandson of QUEEN ELIZABETH II AND PRINCE PHILLP, DUKE OF EDINBURGH.

THE PRINCE HENRY, OF WALES. Henry Charles Albert David, known as 'Harry'(b.15 September 1984)                                                                                                       younger son of CHARLES, PRINCE OF WALES and the late DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES. Grandson of QUEEN ELIZABETH II AND PRINCE PHILLP, DUKE OF EDINBURGH.

THE PRINCE ANDREW, DUKE OF YORK Andrew Albert Christian Edward (b.19 February 1960) , is the second son and third child of QUEEN ELIZABETH II AND PRINCE PHILLP, DUKE OF EDINBURGH. 

CHARLES EDWARD MAURICE SPENCER,9th Earl Spencer (b.20 May 1964)                                                                                                       second and only surviving son of JOHN SPENCER,8TH EARL SPENCER and the HONOURABLE FRANCES ROCHE younger brother of Diana, Princess of Wales.

LADY CYNTHIA JANE FELLOWES, BARONESS FELLOWES née Spencer. (b.11 February 1957)                                                                              daughter of JOHN SPENCER,8TH EARL SPENCER and the HONOURABLE FRANCES ROCHE older sister of Diana, Princess of Wales 

LADY ELIZABETH SARAH LAVINA McCORQUODALE née Spencer. (b.19 March 1955)                                                                                                       elder daughter of JOHN SPENCER,8TH EARL SPENCER and the HONOURABLE FRANCES ROCHE older sister of Diana, Princess of Wales.

MOHAMMED AL-FAYED (b 27 January 1933)                                                     Successful Egyptian entrepreneur.It was rumoured Nigel Lawson detested Al-Fayed because he besmirched the Conservative party. Nigel's son Dominic Lawson many whispers, theories linking Dominic Lawson to MI6. Wife, Rosa Lawson.  Father of (Dodi)                            EMAD EL-DIN MOHAMED MONEIM FAYED ABDEL The late Princess of Wales official boyfriend at the time of her death.

MARGARET ANN JAY, BARONESS OF PADDINGTON (born 18 November 1939)                                                               politician, Life peer. Daughter of Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan.Friend of Diana Princess of Wales.

SSimone is a natural healer and clairvoyantSimone is a natural healer and clairvoyant

SIMONE SIMMONS  natural healer and clairvoyant

LADY ANNABEL GOLDSMITH (born 11 June 1934)                                                          Socialite eponym for Annabell's a London nightclub since the 1960's. Married twice Mark Birley, James Goldsmith. Mother of Jemima Khan née Goldsmith dearest friend of Princess Diana. Annabell was also a mother figure for Diana.

JEMIMA MARCELLA KHAN née Goldsmith (b.30 January 1974)                                                                                                       Married 16th May 1995: Divorced 22nd June 2004 a young heiress, the daughter of LADY ANNABEL GOLDSMITH (in the congregation)                                                                        Diana spent many days in the loving family home of the Annabel with loyal friend Jemima, Diana was able to relax really chillout. Diana's son's Prince William of Wales Prince Henry of Wales shared many of these days too. JEMIMA MARCELLA KHAN: Father deceased JAMES GOLDSMITH. Jemima converted to Islam and married the retired Pakistani cricketer IMAN KHAN in 1995 She was 21 and he was 42.
Trusted friend of Diana, Princess of Wales. 

THE HONOURABLE ROSAMUND MARY LAWSON née Miss Monckton (b.26 October 1953)                                                                                                      Monckton had intellectual interests a true opposites attract in regard to her relationship with Diana. Rosa the daughter of GILBERT MONCKTON 2nd VISCOUNT MONCKTON of BRENCHLEY. Married to the journalist Dominic Lawson, many whispers, theories linking Dominic Lawson to MI6. 
Rosa friend of Diana, Princess of Wales.

ANN HILL née Bolton and
Diana's friends room mates.

SIR ELTON HERCULES JOHN, CBE. Birth name Reginald Kenneth Dwight (b.25 March 1947)                                                                                                       Only child of STANLEY DWIGHT and SHELIA EILEEN née Harris.
'Candle in the Wind' a special version mourning the death of his beloved friend Diana; Elton John performed it at her funeral in Westminster Abbey this day.

HASNAT AHMAD KHAN, (b.1960)                                                                                                       son of Abdul Rasheed and Naheed Khan, a heart and lung surgeon. Lover of the late DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES

PAUL BURREL (b.6 June 1958)                                                                                                       a former member of the British Royal Household. He was a footman for QUEEN ELIZABETH II and later butler to Diana Princess of Wales. 

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  • Gold Star - 17,732 Points Ramesh Rai (7/21/2015 1:49:00 PM)

    Rachel I really admire your endeavors. You. might have to work hard to collect all these information s but in the book of unknown Gardener thsei don't keep any sactity. But for literature it can not be denied that you have sketched a beautiful dramatic poem that can be staged too. (Report) Reply

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    just had to read it again now with soft music great...regards (Report) Reply

  • Rookie - 69 Points Niken Kusuma Wardani (2/22/2012 10:14:00 AM)

    You must had adore her so much that you could go to the detail by standing in her shoes.. not many people would bother think what other people had inside. It's a great monologue. Thanks a lot for sharing (Report) Reply

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