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Poems About: ANIMAL

In this page, poems on / about “animal” are listed.

  • 337.
    Abortion, Slaughterhouses, And Salvation

    Abortion does not extinguish a soul..
    but only delays his or her entry onto the human stage.

    Slaughterhouses do not extinguish a mammal's soul read more »

    O Anna Niemus
  • 338.
    I love you

    I don't know your favorite song or flower
    Or favorite food or drink.
    I don't know what time you go to bed or get up in the morning.
    Or how often you think of me. read more »

    Jeff Christopher
  • 339.
    Unequal Contest

    Hunters set traps, mimic sounds of mates in distress,
    sit hidden in blinds, stalk animals in the woods,
    often in darkness,
    have telescopic sites. There is no glory read more »

    O Anna Niemus
  • 340.

    Those who have many lovers
    or eat many animals
    are ignoring with impunity
    the laws of immunity read more »

    O Anna Niemus
  • 341.
    Torture Me

    Deprive me of sleep,
    Break my very soul,
    Turn me into a shell,
    Make my life hell, read more »

    Randy Ashby
  • 342.
    Cubed Prisons

    The animal labs and factory farms
    had wire cages stacked in columns..
    The animals on the bottom received
    the strongest rain of urine and diarrhea read more »

    O Anna Niemus
  • 343.

    When we by killing and
    abuse the
    divinity of God's animals
    forget read more »

    O Anna Niemus
  • 344.
    Veneman And Venom Men

    Ann Veneman
    was taught by Venom Men..
    the meat mongers of the
    American Meat Institute.. read more »

    O Anna Niemus
  • 345.
    Yang Please Be Yang In Protecting Yin Lab Animals

    Yang, please be yang in protecting yin lab animals.
    Gates, please shut down the gates of vivisection at Duke University.

    *** read more »

    O Anna Niemus
  • 346.

    All I can see is white
    Stretched out in front of me
    It’s like a heavy blanket
    As far as I can see read more »

    Emma Conlan
  • 347.
    Godwin Otuyah

    Perilous times will come,
    So move in while you still can;
    But you will be called out among many.
    Like an animal's milk, read more »

    Edward Kofi Louis
  • 348.
    Isaiah To John Hagee

    Isaiah in dreams and the Bible has said to John
    Hagee 'I delight not in your blood
    sacrifice'. May God unblock John's ears. read more »

    O Anna Niemus
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