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A Dark Thought Of The Mind 89xx2 - Poem by dorian suchelle

In darkness of lightless vision in visions of fury and anger the fire of the soul that long ago went out leaving only a cold reminder of what was with warmth and full of life now but only a remainder of an eighth of what it is now in this darkness of this fury in this uneasy time of times gone away to where to there to anywhere but here gone to away from the mind in my mind so gone away back to simpler times of no hostility no resentment jus fun fun and more fun in the sun now is those times gone away over but not done with put away in hibernation of your mind as hearts be blessed and as hearts beat with rivers of blood flowing thru our veins slowly and steadily flowing forth like the rivers as the Nile or Mississippi would as the soul begins to awaken from an unforgiving sleep of what should have been an eternal peace and quiet of the mind only to be awoken into times of anger fury growing mounting slowly so sure into a for sure thing light left my soul your soul anyone person whom has a soul starlight so bright starlight shine down on my soul tonight blind my eyes enter my vision so I can see the brighter side of life and have moments of true inner peace of my soul always here and forever more instead of these dark thoughts of my mind………………nuff said! !

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