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Empty Dreams - Poem by Lilly Emery

Empty Dreams

Paris love of Dark Angel dreams running in the rain is me
My thoughts are on the streets of Paris love watching lovers laugh
kiss making dreams of ever after

I sit and write what ever came to my mind up the stairs in
My Paris room Dark Angel is watching my every move reading
my thought to make sure I stay true to only him

I Writing out how I feel and how my needs to be free from the evil
that is around me tears stream down my face
why Dark Angel has a big smile on his face
he like me to feel this away

No one can see a dark lonely angel like me
happy and free I felt no murder in my mind I write out my words
Dark Angel went up to the staircase to see all my work in paintings
all my words I put down in writing

My world of sorrow and pain that Dark Angel gave
blood is on the paper in dark red ink
dark soul can be seen in lost dreams
full of ashes were nothing can grow

Old velvet moon you hold the stories of love
Reflecting on my pale face of Dark Angel cries
Moonlight Dark Angel cries out in a scream of a deep shout
Why do you put your mind on worldly things

You have to change without making any noise
deep rain came of my Pains cry's of a lost cold life
murder is what you did to me
I screamed out in anger I didn't ask for this

The hurt never ends I want my life back the way it was
Without feeling anything inside like this I cried
set me free please my emotions are lost in the
darkness of your lies even Paris cries.

Judy/Lilly Emery (c)

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