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Poems About: ANGEL

In this page, poems on / about “angel” are listed.

  • 337.

    My angel is the one who looks over me,
    my angle is the one who cares for me,
    my angle is the one who loves me, read more »

    Theresa Granda
  • 338.
    Fallen Angel

    Where do we go from here my fallen angel?
    Now that heaven is a dirty grey.
    Who do we turn to, my fallen angel?
    The trust once had, betrayed. read more »

    Sean Foxx
  • 339.
    My Death Angel

    Angel of mine
    tell me I'm fine

    Keep me sane read more »

    Jon Hark
  • 340.
    (Dodgy Dave Tale) Angel On Earth

    (Dodgy Dave Tale) Angel On Earth

    Another Dodgy Dave Tale to converse
    It seems David thinks he's not an angel or worse read more »

    JoJo Bean
  • 341.
    Fallen Darkness

    You are the fallen dark angel,
    angel of death as u may be called,
    i called ur name the other day,
    to say i am ready to prove my love, read more »

    Chelsea Pace
  • 342.
    Hear The Angel

    Can you hear the angel sing

    Singing of a glorious day read more »

    Carolyn Sears
  • 343.
    Weeping angels

    Down from heaven
    to show the way to paradise
    for the newly dead
    the angels weep read more »

    vincent armone
  • 344.
    soliloquy of an angel

    angels are like soliloquies written by Shakespeare
    it can be true it can be weird
    a soliloquy is like me on a joy ride.
    I heard an angelk say wake up read more »

    christian williams
  • 345.
    My Fallen Angel

    My fallen angel,
    My blessing,
    Your tragedy,
    On your way to heaven, read more »

    Holly Heron
  • 346.
    Fallen Angel

    An angels wings
    Are an angels heart
    These angels wings
    Are falling apart read more »

    The Broken Poet
  • 347.
    I'll Be No Youthful Angel

    Angels sit on pins
    and flap white wings
    without an eyeblink
    of passing time. read more »

    Martha J. Eshelman
  • 348.

    Still in moonlight the scarlet sings
    silver and black like piano keys
    somewhere an angel gets her wings
    call her for supper read more »

    patricia schooff
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