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Poems About: AMERICA

In this page, poems on / about “america” are listed.

  • 37.
    Cantico del Sole

    The thought of what America would be like
    If the Classics had a wide circulation
           Troubles my sleep,
    The thought of what America, read more »

    Ezra Pound
  • 38.
    Black Man In America

    Black Man In America for to long our chains held us so tight
    beaten down as far as the dust chained to the night
    Black Man In America can't you see
    we free now at least physically read more »

    julius thomas
  • 39.

    * I am not racist at all**This is how i feel about america**No disrespect to no body*

    They call me second class
    put chains on me mentally read more »

    Grayson Givens
  • 40.
    This Is The World

    In america we recognize
    the pride within our hearts
    For we have been terrorized
    the loss of many, provides us grief, read more »

    Marcquiese Burrell
  • 41.
    America In The War

    And so the Great War begins with a bang,
    And America is dragged into war.
    They enter, and England happily sang,
    And so America entered with a roar. read more »

    Lindsey Ansbro
  • 42.
    Land Of The Free

    You tell me that america is a free country,

    but I ask you, 'What is free about America? ' If America read more »

    Jamal Brown
  • 43.
    America 'The Great'

    If America's so beautiful
    If America's so great
    Then why is it everywhere I go I only see hate
    If America is the greatest country in the world read more »

    Rodney Quills
  • 44.
    America The Beautiful

    America The Beautiful
    That what the song says
    Those words ring loud and true
    Every day that I’m alive read more »

    Ray Hansell
  • 45.

    America among countries
    a world is full of unique sceneries
    America among countries
    a book is full of beautiful stories read more »

    Naji Almurisi
  • 46.
    In Praise of America

    America is the answer
    To all of life's problems
    America, the home of freedom
    And self actualization. read more »

    samuel nze
  • 47.
    god blessed america

    god blessed america when he made the earth
    god blessed america when he sent his son to sacrifise read more »

    winter lees
  • 48.
    Christmas poem for the troops

    Away from your familys
    death all around
    Christmas is just a day for you guys
    dont forget America is proud read more »

    vincent armone
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