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Poems About: AMERICA

In this page, poems on / about “america” are listed.

  • 289.

    Being born Ignorant; in America
    it feels strange to know nothing.
    And of this your secret most will lie
    never to be so sure, safety. read more »

    Is It Poetry
  • 290.

    read more »

    Cleveland W. Gibson
  • 291.
    America Is

    America is red, white, and blue,
    the colors that stand so brave, and true.
    Men in battle facing death,
    Men in the world provoking crime, and theft. read more »

    Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson
  • 292.

    The best country in the world.
    With great power and support.
    For all people of the earth
    America is the best. read more »

    Margarita Borzakiwska
  • 293.
    America- my prejudices and truths

    I guess it's always been a truth to me
    That America has a failure destiny
    Beyond that idea I could not see
    But for these thoughts we'll pay a fee read more »

    Agnes Török
  • 294.
    The Day

    AS I sit and think about that day.
    That sad day in September of 2001.
    That is the day when the world stopped.
    That is the day Amarica changed. read more »

    selina smith
  • 295.
    Once There, Now Gone

    People crying, others dieing.
    A hectic mess, already with press.
    America's rejected, terrorist detected.
    War at hand, we had no plan. read more »

    Courtney Violette
  • 296.
    Barack Obama!

    Victory is ours,
    Dark hair, Brown Skinned six one and a half feet tall,
    The 44th President of America stood before us all,
    With the words of hope and aspiration read more »

    Nathan Gwira
  • 297.

    a One Hundred Days, a beginning of dream come true, a
    start that waits the flourishing wish to reach, the jubilation
    remembered at the soil of American people's victory of
    this 21st century, in the continent of the East read more »

    Antonio Liao
  • 298.
    America Lives (Written at age 14)

    America lives,
    For you and for me,
    With all she can give,
    On land and on sea. read more »

    Sandra Osborne
  • 299.

    America is not looking after herself,
    she is using Americans to look out
    for someone else. She has lost her dignity,
    her strength, her honor, her respect. read more »

    Alex Blea
  • 300.
    American Spy

    A long long time ago
    I can still remember how
    the Russians and Chinese teams used to make me cry
    and I knew if we had a chance read more »

    Jim Creston
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