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Poems About: AMERICA

In this page, poems on / about “america” are listed.

  • 13.


    Soaring as the eagle does
    This country flew to freedom read more »

    The Immortal Resilience
  • 14.
    America the Beautiful

    America the beautiful,
    America the free
    You have created this prosperous life
    for me read more »

    Kristen O'Loughlin
  • 15.
    America, So Beautiful.

    Why is America the beautiful,
    So beautiful?
    It's because of German Polkas, and beer.
    It's because of Irish corned beef, and potatoes. read more »

    Juan Olivarez
  • 16.

    America the beautiful,
    America the great,
    America suits us all,
    America I cannot hate read more »

    Olivia Taylor
  • 17.
    Greatest of the Great

    Great, America Great
    The god of all nations
    Lord of all states
    Voice of the voiceless read more »

    Ezekiel Igbodo
  • 18.
    America is America

    America is America the land of the free, born in
    the hope of a new world created, amongst men
    who believed the vision of liberty and a freedom
    to live in this glorious world read more »

    Antonio Liao
  • 19.
    The Subliminal Verses 5

    Shed your tears
    Oh drunken slob
    For several years
    I’m on my own read more »

    David Powley
  • 20.
    Don't Tear America Down!

    Those who thinks America is finished;
    Think again. Feeling dismayed that
    You are not leaping ahead like before?
    It is not only in America; worldwide, indeed. read more »

    Winston Harding
  • 21.
    'I Believe In America'

    I Believe In America…., we’re a nation of hopes and dreams…..,
    Sweet freedom will fill our needs…., I Believe In America.

    I Believe In America…., I believe we must fight for peace…., read more »

    Trade Martin
  • 22.

    Land of sirens shattered, evil and bestowed Lavish and forgiving.
    Homeland to many, Home to few. read more »

    Sebastian JohnstonLindsay
  • 23.
    Making The Lion For All It's Got -- A Ballad

    I came home and found a lion in my room...
    [First draft of "The Lion for Real" CP 174-175] read more »

    Allen Ginsberg
  • 24.
    We Are America

    Soldiers standing strong
    standing to protect us all
    Never giving up faith
    never quitting on us read more »

    Brandon Smith
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