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Poems About: AMERICA

In this page, poems on / about “america” are listed.

  • 109.
    Rebirth of a Nation!

    Oh Flag of America, I see your colors bleeding like running tears. Why are you so sad?
    “My children have lost their Innocence, their Courage has fled, and Justice has died in their bosoms.”
    Oh Flag of America, oh Flag of America you are fading away! What can be done
    to restore your brilliance? read more »

    Tolly Rebeka Christian BlackWolf Hawk
  • 110.
    America the Beautiful

    O beautiful for spacious skies,
    For amber waves of grain,
    For purple mountain majesties
    Above the fruited plain! read more »

    Katharine Lee Bates
  • 111.
    God Has Blessed America

    God has blessed America
    with the ability to choose.
    And we lean to our own understanding;
    not asking him what to do. read more »

    Phyllis Strong
  • 112.


    America, America, read more »

  • 113.

    America cries.
    Her economy dies.
    Killed by people you can't trust.
    America cries as we bite the dust. read more »

    Edwina Reizer
  • 114.
    My Plea To America

    To America,
    The land in which I was born and raised.
    A place that hard work was supreme and family values were paramount,
    Where people could dream to make it big no matter where their origins began, read more »

    Michael Stevens
  • 115.
    Let America be America Again

    Let America be America again.
    Let it be the dream it used to be.
    Let it be the pioneer on the plain
    Seeking a home where he himself is free. read more »

    Langston Hughes
  • 116.
    The American Way

    I am a great American
    I am almost nationalistic about it!
    I love America like a madness! read more »

    Gregory Corso
  • 117.
    A Roosevelt

    Es con voz de la Biblia, o verso de Walt Whitman,
    que habría que llegar hasta ti, Cazador!
    Primitivo y moderno, sencillo y complicado,
    con un algo de Washington y cuatro de Nemrod. read more »

    Ruben Dario
  • 118.
    America- America, How I Love You So

    America, America,
    How I love you so,
    We are richly blessed from up above,
    Where all good blessings flow. read more »

    Franklin Spriggs
  • 119.
    Beautiful America

    My, what a lovely country,
    Americans, we are blessed!
    Any direction one turns,
    Her great beauty takes your breath. read more »

    Loyd C. Taylor
  • 120.

    There is no politics or science
    On the field of battle
    There is no fight or
    Black or white on the front read more »

    Missy Lynn
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