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Universal Family - Poem by Afzal Shauq

Poem By: Afzal Shauq
Edited By: Jessica R

Tell me, am I alone?
If having American Alley Boling beside
like my true Muse
teaching me, guiding me
caring me, loving me
and making me a global man
by spreading my poetry around the world
under the name of “Twist of Fates”
while doing my novel into English too

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Liuli from Bexi China beside
who has made
my voice spread around the Chinese world
by the translation of my poetry
under the name
“Ming Yun De Zhuan Zhe”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Andreea Sarcani of Romania beside
who is visualizing my ideas
by making the title covers of my books
in her gorgeous art
like the title covers of
“Bridging The Gaps”
and “Ming Yun De Zhuan Zhe”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Nazish Zafar from Islamabad beside
being a Urdu-based poetess friend
who compiled the critiques of world class
writers/poets and readers
in the book “ Bridging The Gaps”
and she once added this poem to me…
“wither you flee?
the wandering soul!
captive of the unseen!
you wish to unlock
the heart within you
and those of all you can reach
the cells of scary night
and let all stars fly away
in search of the unknown
You! !
who has trampled
the strangest of lands and seas
under your feet
look for your own face
unable to find
tear deprived
shed dreams
in speechless agony”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Haseena Gul from Kaka Saib beside
as a Pashto poetess friend
who has critiqued my all books
under the name
“Afzal… Afzal Sahuq”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Benita Premchand from Malaysia beside
being my literary friend
who has spread my poetry in Malay readers
and Malay institutions of her country
and writes on my birthday to me in poem…
“But the distance from you grows
All that my heart ever knows
Hunger for your kiss
Longing for your touch
Beautiful be Nita of my soul
Filling all my nights
Haunting all my days”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Melissa Lundeen from USA beside
eternal sweet friend poetess
who wrote many poems and essays
on my poetry and prevailing my ideas
onward to her friends around
and adds in poem to me frequently as…
“I uncap my pen to you Afzal
the only way I know how
with this impromptu poem
you are a sunburst off the largest star
man has known
and with but your words
you can not imagine
the subsequent heat that resonates
in the very soul…”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Ruth Lovejoy again from USA beside
who being my sincere family friend
sending me the birthday wish firstly
and kind to me enough
adding the following words in poem…
“I hope peace comes to your side of the world very soon
that all will live in unity and harmony
That this birthday this year brings all you would have of it
And of course, many many more,
in the years to follow...”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Jessica R
from USA beside
who likes my poetry,
who keeps in touch like my tiny sweet teacher
and supports my love based peace
to let the world know about humanity.
As she talks sweet,
writes reality
and she is believes that
faith on reality is the only solution
to make the world in peace…
And she says about me,
“Oh that the whole world
would wonder at your words as I.
If only, all humanity
could see what we see
and change the course of history
so we could show future generations
the peace that comes from the soul.”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Maryam Mohammadeoun
from Iran beside
who likes my poetry
and sends sweet poems to make me energized
with such type of sweet poems…
“Maybe my love become a ship
I get on it and pass seas safe and sound
I don’t know the way you are navigator
your gray hair is sign of years
that you love everything...”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Zenny Disuja from India beside
who appreciates and pushes me
towards success with sweet poems
and submit with love as…
“would the glory, peace and humanity
ever replace....
the brutality in human world?
Yes angels are always there
to guide the
detract human kind, he added..”

Tell me, am I alone?
Having Shana Wirtz from Snohomish, WA beside
who being my favorite poetess
and her thoughts
energize me for writing poems
Above all she asks
the reader worldwide in her poem…
“May we all celebrate
That, our dear Afzal,
Has made it with us
Through another year”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Stephanie Philbeck from US beside
the sweet under eighteenth girl
who’s the heart knocking poetess
keeps in touch to me always
and adds to me in her sweet poems
wishes for my birthday…
”Inevitable, Lethargy,
Morose, Novice, Obscure,
Ostentatious, Precocious

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Katherine Reid of Canada beside
who being a great poetess
and sincere sweet friend
mentions the following loving wishes
in her poem on my birthday…
”on his birth a creation was born.
an inspiration that stems from his soul.
destined to write,
sweet words of the creative.

on his birth, a creation born”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Nick Anderson from Houston beside
being a good and fair friend poet
with much love
adds to me on my birthday
“Your dream will come true.
If not in your lifetime,
Then in a lifetime soon.
Your wish will come true,
Peace and love throughout the world”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Laura Maguire from Scotland beside
who’s the sweet friend poetess
with her rich and sweet poems
writes in her way for me as…
“For today of all days,
stranger I have yet to meet,
I wanted you to know
that you should always remain hopeful -
As I do
on the day I was born,
every year.
Thanking life for giving me hope.

I thank you for being hopeful Afzal”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having dear friend Nelson Iwejua from Amsterdam beside
who always wishes to praise me
as his master being elder
and adds in his sweet poem to me…
“You are the source of everlasting life,
You hold the key to my life.
As i woke up to behold the glory of the morning sun,
Teach me to know the wonders of all your works”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Vilma Zaballero from Philippines beside
being my dearest poetry fellow
who respects me a lot
and adds with friendly love
these verses in poem for me as…
“I met a friend,
and I'm proud to say,
that amongst so many
he stands out to be,
a special person,
so full of compassion.

And on this day,
this very special day”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having sweet Ilyse Drost from USA beside
who being a good poetess and artist
always show her love in fair way
and send sweet words to me…
in her great poems as…
“I am...
the missing piece
of your heart
oh my beloved....!
there are questions answered
take over the controls.
Beauty's threat
makes me the slave
as I feel know”

Tell me, am I alone?
If having Breama Shaylee beside
a beautiful and good poetess friend
who has wished
the following loving verses of poems
to me on my birthday as…
“As you say and many have been touched by
'A Friendly Smile is the best Weapon of War
Let's defeat each other with it and
Occupy the hearts to control the feelings
of favoring our wishes [for peace'
Tell me, am I alone?
If having Felicity Bostdrof of Texas beside
being a good novelist and poetess friend
from the core of heart
support my peace dreaming ideas
and gives me courage
in her tributes as..
'let's bridge up the gaps
between hearts
and be happy
being cousins of Adam's family
as my friend Afzal Shauq says'

Tell me, am I alone?
If having east in heart
West in brain
South in eyes
North in vein

You think! !
If I’m proud to be a human
wish to be a human
look to be a human
survive to be a human
sleep to be a human
dream to be a human

Above all
if I’m still wrong to be an human?
then tell me friends!
how should I be?
if yes, I’m right to be an human
then let me enjoy
my universal family
and to share pain and joys
with the children of
Eve and Adam

© Afzal Shauq

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