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Poems About: ALONE

In this page, poems on / about “alone” are listed.

  • 337.
    Iam Alone

    I am scared of love
    yet it is what I need
    I feel alone
    like no one cares read more »

    Celia Acosta
  • 338.
    Nobody Ought To Be

    I think God made this world so big,
    So that nobody has to be alone-
    A kind for everyone, everyone its kind
    Cause nobody ought to be alone. read more »

    Ashley Ormon
  • 339.

    Alone, alone, alone
    I was all alone
    I was alone in my mother’s womb
    I will be alone in my grave beneath the tomb read more »

    shakil ahmed
  • 340.
    Leave Those Cranky People Alone

    It is best to leave those cranky alone.
    It pays to leave those cranky people alone.

    Leave those cranky people, read more »

    Lawrence S. Pertillar
  • 341.
    I Walk These Streets Alone

    I walk these streets alone why U ask, because that's all i know and the reason i'm so ignorant is because him always on the go
    I walk these streets alone meeting customer after customer getting in and out of random cars
    I walk these streets alone as if the streets are empty as i go on my devilish duty.
    I walk these streets alone clueless to the danger surrounding me, as if him invisible to any danger. read more »

    Leon Scott
  • 342.
    Seeking Love

    When I was a child,
    I saw the empty heart of my ma
    Saw ocean flowed through her eyes
    She left me when I was just before teen read more »

    Musfiq us Shaleheen
  • 343.
    Each Poet Is A Solitary Voice Sounding His Own Alone Through The Universe


    Each poet is a solitary voice sounding his own alone through the universe
    Each one writes what only he or she can read more »

    Shalom Freedman
  • 344.
    Reaching Out

    When you see me sitting alone—sit by me
    When you see me walking alone—walk with me
    When you see me standing alone—stand with me
    When you see me crying alone—be there for me read more »

    Mary Ryan
  • 345.
    God alone

    You alone can see through me
    The aspiration that keep me moving
    And the doubt that holds me from going
    Because in you light shine pure and bright read more »

    Jordan Legaspi
  • 346.
    No Longer alone

    No, No, I'm no more alone.
    You're in my heart to stay.
    No, I'm no more alone.
    I've forgiveness everyday. read more »

    Katie J. Figueroa
  • 347.
    U R not ALone.

    U are not alone, look around you,
    we all hurt, we all struggle,
    we all feel alone. read more »

    Shelley L Baxter Stanley
  • 348.
    The Song of the Lark (Pantoum)

    Alone, alone, I listened to a song,
    The lovely, floating warble of a lark.
    I heard the notes come drifting, clear and strong,
    Until the daylight faded into dark. read more »

    Yen Cress
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