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Poems About: AFRICA

In this page, poems on / about “africa” are listed.

  • 37.
    When Will Africa Unite

    Down below the ground come the voices of the great heroes
    The pillars of Africa in those days........
    From the west come the cries of grief
    From the horizon flows the blood of Africa read more »

    Bartholomew Arkoh Boamah Sarbah
  • 38.
    Mother Africa Smiles...

    Africa Smiles...
    As Her Captured Children's Strength Survives
    Africa Smiles...
    As Her Cultures and Comportment Thrives read more »

    MoonBee Canady
  • 39.
    You did It, Africa

    Celebrate Africa.
    Africa rejoice.
    RSA celebrate
    You made a fantastic reality, read more »

    Emmanuel Oduro
  • 40.
    Daughter of Africa

    Daughter of Africa
    You are walking now
    And tread the path
    Away from me read more »

    Peter Rhodes
  • 41.
    I Am Africa

    I am Africa the brave
    As strong as the earth
    The thickness of black
    Is my gift from God read more »

    Emone Emmanuel
  • 42.

    In Africa the lion is no more
    The jungle not his home
    For he now opens a door
    The corridors of power he is seen to roam read more »

    kemi moshood
  • 43.
    America of Our Dreams

    I am not in Africa
    But Africa is in me,
    Africa lies in my blood,
    Where I was brought read more »

    Efe Benjamin
  • 44.
    New Dawn for Africa

    Mother Africa
    Mother of Plenty
    Countable in number, countless in population
    Crown with nature's endowment read more »

    Emmanuel Uchechukwu
  • 45.

    Oh Africa my home Africa my mothers land. You are were a safe heaven for our Lord Christ Jesus when he escaped death as a child. Africa home to the worlds first superpower. Yes Africa land of true beauty my home land.Home to light and dark skins yes rich in natural resources.Africa my homeland. read more »

    George mwandu
  • 46.
    Worms in Africa

    The worms in Africa are skinny
    Iseola wants to be buried in Africa
    The worms in Africa are not slimmy
    Which is why Iseola wants to be buried in Africa? read more »

    Doris Dzameshie
  • 47.

    Africa! A land flowing with milk and honey.
    Devoured by greed and the love for money
    Where corruption thrives and war is a common place
    Where will Africa show her true real face? read more »

    Olusegun Akanbi
  • 48.
    South Africa Is Also My Country

    From my birth South Africa is my own country
    and my people can flee to an island
    but my own culture and language stays holy
    although this place is not safe, read more »

    Gert Strydom
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