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Poems About: AFRICA

In this page, poems on / about “africa” are listed.

  • 349.
    mother africa



    Horatius Chinedu Okike
  • 350.
    In Africa

    In Africa silence and sound are one,
    The sun and rain do rein together
    And we the people live and die at once. read more »

    Olutayo K. Osunsan
  • 351.

    The black race of nature ''oh Africa''
    The home of agricultural endowment
    Our lands are filled with fertility
    And our waters, naturally blessed read more »

    yahaya habeeb jprof kayode
  • 352.
    Down Sunset Sweet

    When I close my tired eyes
    Counting mine blessings twice
    Feels goodly great to realise
    All is never lost with time read more »

    christopher veremu
  • 353.
    Black Mentality

    Africa is a jungle of love, and our ancestors purify the land and soil with affection and black heritage.

    Snakes on the stake is the tradition of stone age, morality is the blackman culture. Birds roam the spiritual shrine of black deities, the sun smile down on Africa and walk throughout the sahara desert. read more »

    Felix Opaleye
  • 354.

    Blank screen of doom find me wonderful words,
    nothing fancy just words that have a resonance in
    my mind and gladden my heart. read more »

    oskar hansen
  • 355.

    When a man fights his wife

    She either retaliates or perseveres read more »

    kelvin karani
  • 356.
    Songs of Africa

    on the rolling mountains
    in the sprawling valleys
    joyful songs in fountains
    flowing down the gulleys read more »

    Dela Bobobee
  • 357.
    The Horn Of Africa

    The Horn of Africa is full of Pirates and,
    They've captured many ships;
    But one day, they will live to regret their actions! read more »

    Edward Kofi Louis
  • 358.
    Song of Mother Africa

    The old man sits beside the Council Chamber, stretches out his hand
    The officers pass by, their minds on paper
    The small shields of security drawn around him by the month
    Don’t protect him from the night and dusts of winter read more »

    Frank Bana
  • 359.

    Being an African American in this nation bring lots of frustration
    They use our invention to build up their nation without even saying congratulations

    This war will never end read more »

    Dwayne Earle Gordon
  • 360.
    Lord Help Africa

    Ministering under a tree in the Great Rift Plain of Africa 49 degrees Centigrade.

    Under a tree not far from school class
    Gather the people for worship or mass read more »

    Werner Horne
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