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Charmed Encounter Of A Very Special Kind - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN


Charmed initials Mon Coeur signals, touching tendrils in the mind
Open onto a stupendous spacious hall,
Reaching out nerves strain synapses in attempt to slip behind
Real reeled cause/effect conditions, great and small.
Infinitely blessed is brillance whose bright colours, unconfined
Enrapture, glow beholden, golden ball,
Reckon up fair features Beauty claims her own as wined and dined
Are arteries well warmed where inner call
Sacred sentiments suggest, surely defined.

Charmed sensations echo empathy, concordance dance we find
Offered where before life seemed an empty wall,
Rigid barricades numb, soul's song dumb, ambitions undefined
Regretfully awaiting Charon's call.
Idyllic seems this atmosphere, unlimited, enshrined
Existence blossoms clearing karmic shawl,
Reveals how many lifetimes skillful Fate had intertwined
As links sweet, strong, that nothing could forestall:
Suprising tryst dispersing mists in mind.

Charmed day whose ray more hopeful may at last dawn for mankind
One over all, where Nature holds in thrall
Rising, falling, generations for fair silken tresses twined
Relegate to Lethe others' fates withal.
It appears ideal encounter of a very special kind
Exalting, whirled with beauty of the ball,
Rare this ecstasy, see supernova which can't be outshined
As all galaxies combine in southern Gaul,
Spirit elevate to purify one's mind.

Charm no others know - their surface glow soon fades, maids may not bind,
Only by her side may Pride stand sprightly tall,
Registers finess of features with quick spirit nought can blind,
Respect and admiration never pall.
Infinite shining armoured knights slay dragons base, unkind,
Effortlessly pleasing qualities Time's squall
Resist like Romeo and Juliet whose love, combined,
Approach the trust 'twixt Jonathan and Saul
Sapphire sky blue signals, soul to soul shall bind.

Charmed soul's aware 'twould thrones forswear, go where gold signet signed,
Obey joy's gift, as high priestess install
Revered as muse forever, Queen above mere womankind
Recanting empty idols one and all
Independantly of time and place, of meetings Chance may trawl,
Eternity, true witness, shall be never undermined,
Repudiated not though aeons far beyond recall
Awareness dull for all else yet, entrapped beneath one thrall,
Symphonic recognition underlined.

Charmed verse more verse would here rehearse, sing praises but, unkind,
Old English, narrow, lacks rhymed wherewithal.
Review true talent, virtues few aspire to, most, resigned,
Regret their springs so swiftly sag, unwind.
In one reflection happiness, contentment unconfined
Emanates, whose rays may never pall,
Resplendent render life's meander, haze and maze maligned,
As empathy, emotions waterfall:
Stream serene and optimistic, cares and trammels left behind.

4 October 2008 after a 19910118 variation of robi03_1220 acrostic Corrieras rewritten - Index Number out of Chronological Sequence
robi03_0365_robi03_0000 AXX_LXX

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