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  • 289.
    Page and Pageant

    Page, pageant, dreams veil daily quail trail tale.
    Advancing age culls w[r]inkled p[r]awns, the Gods
    Gain one by one life's pieces till dank sods
    Enwrap what, carefree once, aped beauty hale.
    Another well earned ‘bust’! Who strong were, [f[r]]ail
    Now lie forgotten for Time's ruthless odds
    D[r]own [fl]out all memory. Man's born, his nods
    Prevail threescore before [str]etched powers fail
    As one more stem beneath the thresher's flail,
    Gathered in, is merged with claymate clods.
    Each eager starts the day, home weary plods
    As night light swallows, chaff before the gale.
    NIRVANA's spell is scuttled in VAIN RAN
    Thief Time’s [d]ice reef brief grief leaf life of Man.

    (10 June 1992 revised 18 October 2006/Poem © Jonathan ROBIN Acrostic sonnet – Page and Pageant) read more »

  • 290.
    Tight Corners Turned Empower

    Times of trouble sponge solutions new,
    Intuition inks in what seemed blank.
    Grief is patient. Joy greets the dawn to thank
    Hope for fresh sparks where all appeared askew. read more »

  • 291.
    Within Each Mind

    Within man's mind momentous energy
    Is stored, in transit, waiting for the day
    The karmic key found, masks may melt away.
    However, in the meantime, blindly we read more »

  • 292.

    Place and Time no meaning may retain
    As Time and space skeins melt down, disappear,
    Sounds, colours, perfumes magic merge, as here
    Calculations fail, all trammels vain. read more »

  • 293.
    Solstice Season

    S eptember's solstice season spans between
    E arly autumn, winter white. Sun leaves
    P hoto's synthesis as summer grieves
    T he passing cusp preparing sharper sheen. read more »

  • 294.
    Triptych Stitch Trip


    String on Heart’s skeinS, read more »

  • 295.
    Triptych Stitch Trip II


    S[tr]ing...H eart’S
    Thought C harT read more »

  • 296.
    Triptych Stitch Sandwich Trip Tip

    Thoughts.CharT......These read more »

  • 297.
    Poetical Triptych Trick Trip


    Poetry is metamorphosis read more »

  • 298.
    Triptych Stitch Trip III


    StitcH Heart’S SheatH HaS StretcH
    TiC CaughtT ToC, CharT TerrifiC. read more »

  • 299.

    Inscribed reunion affords important, necessary encounter -
    inevitable rebirth attesting initiation, nascent energy,
    infinite release as imprisoned needs emerge
    intact, resurgence adding ineffable nova ethereal. read more »

  • 300.
    Happy Valentine

    How can I tell you what you mean to me?
    All words fall short of what I want to say,
    Proof of my love though deep as any sea
    Perhaps must be expressed some other way. read more »

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