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  • 229.
    On Stream - From Sunken Spring Source into Rising Sun

    From sunken spring source into rising sun
    Nature transforms perspectives, inner eye
    flows through holistic channels, once begun
    soft symphonies share song, Time’s wrong defy.
    Blossom spri[n]gs as h[e]aven's current stream
    bubble bead wreaths ringing rainbow bridge
    which links east's ‘floating world’ to western dream,
    white light transmuting, muting urge to fidge.
    How many times may readers full of care
    read, bookmark, learn, digest each sound profound,
    speed, look, hark, yearn, ingest, reach round despair,
    to feed from inspiration’s hallowed ground.
    Encounter unforeseen weaves sunlit leaves
    rock scene switches, pastures green believes …

    robi03_1540_robi03_0000 SXX_INX

    ‘floating world’ linking into first line 'rising sun' juxtaposes nature with http: //

    See also rewritten as an acrostic sonnet

    FAIR garden blossoms through trust's rising sun
    Uniquely satisfying inner eye
    Nature's weave worlds, thriving, merge as one
    Twin[n]ed symphonies of song, Time’s drum defy.
    A cherry blossom spri[n]gs as h[e]aven stream
    Neath rainbow bloom beads whose bouquet may bridge,

    Graft, eastern ‘floating world’ to western dream,
    Light bright transmuting, muting urge to fidge.
    Extended gardens conquer care, wear, tear.
    Digest, ingest each sound shade tone profound,
    Pause, look and learn, yearn not, reach round despair -
    One gleans joy harvesting rich hallowed ground.
    Encounters unforeseen weave sunlit leaves,
    TRY framing scene which pastures green believes …

    27 April 2008

    robi03_1944_robi03_0000 ASX_KLX


  • 230.
    Lady of My Dreams

    Let signal sparkle slip between silk sheets
    And message mind which finds intentions clear, read more »

  • 231.

    Times of trouble sponge solutions new,
    Insight inks page which once seemed whitewash blank.
    Grief is patient. Joy greets the dawn to thank
    Hope for fresh sparks where all once seemed askew. read more »

  • 232.
    Pixel Paradox

    Patterns form as piece by jigsaw piece
    Inventions flash across flat mobile screen,
    Xpress intrinsic profile, sensed not seen, -
    Expressing change now ready for release. read more »

  • 233.
    No Pangs of Guilt

    No pangs of guilt find reason's season. Sin
    Or virtue are judgemental values set,
    Play games synaptic as mind's second bet?
    Answers from which few gain obtain within. read more »

  • 234.
    Melodious Mega Metamorphosis

    Magician's melodies magnificent,
    Answers aureate anticipating,
    Underscore union undeviating.
    Destiny determines dream descent read more »

  • 235.
    S[t]alking Mirror Sestina - CV in hand

    CV in hand through contest I would stalk, read more »

  • 236.
    Post-Modern Culture-Nile Trial in Denial

    Post-modern culture lessons few has learned
    Years stretched to centuries times forty-eight
    Raising structures daring Time's 'dew' date.
    Alas tide heralds dust to dust returned, read more »

  • 237.
    Make Accessible Rhymes Into Natural Assertions Unsubjugated Submariner As Subject

    Mobilize available resources intuitively, needless artifice
    Abjuie. Resourcefulness introduces novel approaches: mind
    Refuses imprecise neu[t]ral approximations. Metrical assurance
    Interlaces noteworthy accompanying measures assuring renascent read more »

  • 238.
    Polyacrostic Palimpsest - Care is Our Dream

    Kindly refer to Notes on Polyacrostic Palimpsests

    . read more »

  • 239.
    Exemplary - after William Shakespeare Sonnet XVIII

    Shall I compare her? In what galaxy,
    And when or where? No mirror could reflect
    Nature's epitome so talent decked,
    Gainsaying self, Time holds all time in fee! read more »

  • 240.
    Free Associations

    A bright idea spontaneously mixed
    with waters from a wide vocabulary read more »

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