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Poems About: ACROSTIC

In this page, poems on / about “acrostic” are listed.

  • 229.
    A Tryst with the Terrorist

    The Prologue

    'The terrorist began to speak...'
    'How can a terrorist talk read more »

    AtreyaSarma Uppaluri
  • 230.
    Love can Waits

    love comes in the contentment of erotic satisfaction
    of human expression, underneath human feeling of
    love and as it is bounded and join amongst universal
    interaction, the heart can wait the soul to hold the read more »

    Antonio Liao
  • 231.
    ~ FATHER ~ [ Double Acrostic ]

    Forever loving thru' the years. You dried my eye's with patience. When they
    ~~~Filled with tears. Fair and strong '' your love '' had quelled all of my fears.
    Always there, with outstretched hand. With hugs that felt to me so grand.
    ~~~Always you were so comforting. Those days you were my everything. read more »

    Thad Wilk
  • 232.
    Michael Jackson and the Titles of His Songs

    M-an In The Mirror, a Human Nature to Beat It,
    I-nvincible Butterflies, Pretty Young Thing, I Can't Help It!
    C-an't Let Her Get Away, a Girlfriend-Liberian Girl,
    H-eal The World, The Lady In My Life, There Must Be More To Life read more »

    Simonette Brebenariu
  • 233.
    From Cataract to Enhanced Perceptions through Cataract

    May what to some sunset on cataract
    Appears at first sight, seen in other light
    Unveils anticipation not the act -
    Draws sunrise, current's flow, woe's clouds in flight. read more »

    Jonathan ROBIN
  • 234.
    My poems is not Poetry

    My Poems are not Poetry
    Poetry rhythm is essential part
    Communicative act of rhythms
    Where words created music read more »

    Mary Wismer
  • 235.
    Polyacrostic Palimpsest - Care is Our Dream

    Kindly refer to Notes on Polyacrostic Palimpsests

    . read more »

    Jonathan ROBIN
  • 236.
    Exemplary - after William Shakespeare Sonnet XVIII

    Shall I compare her? In what galaxy,
    And when or where? No mirror could reflect
    Nature's epitome so talent decked,
    Gainsaying self, Time holds all time in fee! read more »

    Jonathan ROBIN
  • 237.

    by Ted L Glines

    To awake at dawn with a grin on my lips read more »

    Ted L Glines
  • 238.
    So We Can Be

    Sweet seems love surging, Soft dream oft ignored,
    Or held in check, Or wanting wings to fly
    With seamless stitch Which, rich, may amplify read more »

    Jonathan ROBIN
  • 239.
    Barack Hussain Obama (An Acrostic Panegyric)

    This piece of composition is in the praise of Barack Hussain Obama newly elected president of U.S.A.; the present time calls forth Barack Hussain Obama for greater courage and precision to face the challenges to fetch out humanity from the quagmire of confusion. It was my ardent desire that I should read out this piece of homage in front of the huge gathering on the occasion of his oath celebrations but for me it is merely a vain longing therefore I present it for general reading.

    Barack Hussain Obama (An Acrostic Panegyric) read more »

    Muhammad Shanazar
  • 240.
    Rêve est Réalité en Poésie


    Rêve est réalité redéfinie,
    Etant reflet qui le banal bannit. read more »

    Jonathan ROBIN
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