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(6 - 13 -1966 / Hollywood)

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You Think You Know Me / Dark Angel

You think you know me;
We will dance in deep romance,
I will sweep you off your feet in somber expression of my dark love
Words of my passion will be so fatal,
My kiss will be so breathtaking you agree with those who ridicule me,
Pity is the one who looks down on me for loving someone as you,
My love for you is powerful that weigh heavily upon my darken soul,
Its you I want to control.
Kindness I will give like the poison of my darken life,
Your heart of woes and worries that is foreign to your own, cry in frustration
Of all lies, Take note my dear I will always be near.
Look out your window and you will never find me, but you will feel me near,
Please my dear my love don't run off,
Take note my love keep up-to-date and know you will never keep me away even
Though you don't see my face.
I am the ''Dark Prince'', fatal is who I am,
The outsider who refuses to be seen with the eyes,
Your days, your loneliest hours I will always crave,
If I could whisk you away from this world of tragic affairs and dramatic strife,
I would dance with you for life in blink of an eye,
You think you know me, but that would be a lie;
To a world where peace dominates every aspect of our lives and pure bliss flows
Is not the world I give, I stalk all you have to give.
Your dreams of sweet love of promises,
Hopes and dreams for a love to sweep you off your feet in happiness,
I will take all that away,
Fatal is me of darkness is what I will give,
You will be my Queen if you just keep your eyes on me.
We will dance and I will poison you with my touch,
Through me you will see only my screams of pains and lust,
Every excited breath we share together among flowers of delight of your faith of paradise.
I will take all that away, you will cry for your faith,
But will never find because you will be my Queen of my darken life,
The world you grasp will never consent to such happiness they themselves couldn't indulge in
Therefore hold will never come,
I will send you on a run, prisoner you will become,
Hold on my Queen and dance with me,
I cannot save you from the pain self inflicted day in and day out as your burden their careless
Troubles and cry hidden tears of a darken life with rain that will never go away.
I will take you by force and you will always ask why but I will not give a voice to your cry,
Open your windows my dear I am near,
You don't see me, But my eyes are always stalking you,
Your soul I will keep in thrives to forcibly keep nailed shut with negativity.
I will make you cry and you would want this hunger of pain to go away,
But I will never let it because love hurts,
However, In my vain attempts to save a parched soul of truth of loving you.
You will try very hard to defeat me but lose, I put a spell on you,
So lets dance I will give you a dark romance of my love to you,
The presence of the ultimate defense you will try to kiss away,
Drained, powerless is you my love as I walk you through my deep dark life,
Eagerly awaiting for you to be my bride, my Queen.
Discover me as I look deep within your soul.
Where my true identity hides and how you will engage me in our next intimate encounter,
Your lustful beauty who melted my icy heart.
Walk with me your Dark Angel cries out.

Submitted: Friday, September 13, 2013
Edited: Monday, September 16, 2013

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Dark Angel


Lilly Emery.

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