Sangnam Nam

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The Seeds - Poem by Sangnam Nam

God's gift that has some miraculous
potential to be able to hold
all the possibilities
to make the
plants to
with so many flowers
and fruits that have
their implanted
name that
make them-
selves known
to the world by
sending the numerous
letters to so many soil beds
which will receive them to breed and
the seeds
to a tree or plant
that might become the seeds
again in some months or weeks time
the weeks that mean the plants for the trees
need some months to breed and bear the results
of the seeds that will become the weeds that will become
the plants that will become the trees which will bear some fruits.
Yes, this is the God’s gift the tremendous power of creation which will
enable a small flower seed to bear some many different types of plants shapes.
I see
the seeds
with wings in the
plants and wonder where
they will go maybe the wind will
decide where the seeds might have to go
for it is the transportation that the seeds will take
to go to the places where they can wait and be planted and
be able to bear some sprouts and the weeds which will become the
bushes and the trees which will bear the flowers and the fruits which will
bear the seeds small and big in whatever shape they want. I see the trees...........
turn into
different colors
these days for the season
is turning into fall when the leaves
turn into red and yellow the color that my mother
said of the pencil I picked up on my first birthday. Babies
have to pick an object from the table where the party food is served
for the party that is held to celebrate the babies’ first birthdays to see what future
the babies would have. This is done by making them pick one object from many like rice,
bills money, .
threads, a pen or
pencil, the rice-cake or
rods, etc. etc. etc. By the things
they pick, the parents can tell what kind of a job
the babies will have. I was told I picked a pencil.
“Was it a red one or a yellow one…? ” Mother doesn't
remember the color of the pencil I picked but she does remember that
the object I picked up on my first birthday was a pencil. A pencil
is the symbol for being a writer. A writer! ! ! !
I couldn't figure out what that meant
to me until the time when I
turned to Korea in 1997
when I started to
write some
or sto-
and that made
some sense to me
finally. But was the pencil a
red one or a yellow one? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Why does it matter to you, Nam? Maybe because
the color of the pencil makes some difference: the kind of poems
or stories I might write or choose to write. The red is the color of the blood
and passion. The yellow is the color of the peace and rest. After
writing with the red pen, I will write with the yellow Pen.
The turmoil and tribulations have to be followed
by the peace and rest, yes.
We all need to go
times and
then some kind
of a peaceful time. That’s predicted
in the Bible where we can find the consolation
of God The Father after we go through the harsh and tough
trials. If there isn't the consoling words and phrases from God
we won’t be able to carry out the tough assignments that God gives us to do or perform.
It’s so great that we have some peaceful time to follow the hard time.
And this is how the seeds with wings will find out after the
long journey in the air, they will find the comfortable
soil beds on which they will rest for the winter
and be able to bloom as some flowers or
weeds maybe some sprouts the
following Spring. I await
for the Spring already
while it’s still
Fall when
are going
dry and dull.
Yes, it’s always
good to wait for something
with some hope when the time is
depressing and gloomy. We will have
to spend the winter safely to see the Spring
come on time. Hope your journey may be safe and
pleasant. The seeds with wings.11: 37 pm (October 7,2008) Korea-Japan Time

Comments about The Seeds by Sangnam Nam

  • Dr.tony Brahmin Dr.tony Brahmin (9/27/2015 7:46:00 AM)

    nature and creation, God all these great ideas you are trying to combine in this poem in a very good format. thank you. i like it very much. (Report) Reply

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  • Rachel Ann Butler (9/23/2015 9:11:00 AM)

    interesting format. good write (Report) Reply

  • Wahab Abdul (7/6/2013 1:03:00 PM)

    the poem is in great shape, i like it.. you are the most popular poet from korea...cong (Report) Reply

  • Robinson (7/4/2013 4:06:00 PM)

    In way you can think of the pencil as a seed that took years to produce fruit. (Report) Reply

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