Robert Frost

(March 26, 1874 – January 29, 1963 / San Francisco)

The Road Not Taken - Poem by Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
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Comments about The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

  • Marileuza Miquelante (8/1/2014 8:04:00 AM)

    This is the poem of my life. It`s simply SUPERB! ! ! (Report) Reply

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  • imagine Patterson (7/16/2014 9:57:00 PM)

    This poem is actually about how our choices do not matter and things happen. An example of this would be when Robert Frost says, Though as for that the passing there, Had worn them really about the same, . This means that the road were basically the same. He also states this when he discusses how they equally lay. (Report) Reply

  • Aslam Marikar (7/10/2014 1:17:00 PM)

    I took the road most traveled.
    The other that dipped at the horizon;
    for I was sure a crowd would keep me warm
    For i was sure not to loose my self.
    Albeit to you Mr. Frost
    I say thank you,
    your journey and the journey of those like you
    make whole the map that leads to eternity. (Report) Reply

  • Nancy Oyula Nancy Oyula (7/10/2014 12:56:00 AM)

    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference....... Got that (Report) Reply

  • Rajaguru Kar Balan Rajaguru Kar Balan (7/5/2014 7:47:00 AM)

    'I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.'

    Well said Robert! !

    Even I took a such road! ! (Report) Reply

  • Jocelyn Figueroa (7/3/2014 1:25:00 PM)

    This poem is just absolutely perfect. I want to take the road less traveled so much. (Report) Reply

  • Primrose Tee Primrose Tee (7/2/2014 2:41:00 PM)

    Very nice poem (Report) Reply

  • Keith Sifelani Keith Sifelani (6/15/2014 12:19:00 AM)

    Nice poem may favorite poem (Report) Reply

  • Olaleye Oladipupo Olaleye Oladipupo (6/11/2014 2:41:00 AM)

    my favorite poem of Robert Frost. I love it! (Report) Reply

  • Olaleye Oladipupo Olaleye Oladipupo (6/11/2014 2:40:00 AM)

    This is my favorite poem of Robert Frost all time. I love it! (Report) Reply

  • Sajad Meer Sajad Meer (5/26/2014 10:48:00 PM)


  • Nisarg Sukhadeve (5/19/2014 7:37:00 AM)

    This is a perfect masterpiece. (Report) Reply

  • Brian Jani Brian Jani (5/17/2014 11:03:00 AM)

    Nice one Mr frost (Report) Reply

  • Gangadharan Nair Pulingat (5/11/2014 3:48:00 AM)

    while recited the poem in my mind along with the video record I was in a perfect emotion of soothing effect and peace in my mind and no doubt this is not telling a bit of exaggeration but a fact I felt. This poetess have shown her brilliance of poetical talent in few lines where the best of path the diverged roads in the wood selected that I feel is the path of poetry the rare people with gifted talent only can select. Thank you poet in having got such a poem in the mind and also in the media on our attention as readers. (Report) Reply

  • Kasey Jessie Kasey Jessie (5/8/2014 10:12:00 PM)

    one of my favorite poems (Report) Reply

  • Evy-joy Rendon Evy-joy Rendon (5/6/2014 3:31:00 AM)

    brilliant and it's to inspiring words to me... (Report) Reply

  • Francis Wanyiri (5/5/2014 8:41:00 AM)

    A nice poem to think about... there is wisdom and a gift. all wrapped up in The Road Not Taken! (Report) Reply

  • Nathan Coppedge Nathan Coppedge (4/28/2014 12:14:00 PM)

    I recommend my poems as a contrast to the above: The Cubic Wood, a longer poem, as well as Escape and Do Not Follow in the Footsteps.

    They are available on my profile. (Report) Reply

  • Debrah Amos (4/28/2014 5:36:00 AM)

    I just memorized it the first time I read it, for I don't want to forget; I can't afford to forget this wisdom: The Road Not Taken! (Report) Reply

  • Prem Tamang (4/27/2014 9:54:00 AM)

    it is a very inspiring one. one of my bests (Report) Reply

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