Albot George

Part Two 4 U - Poem by Albot George

I take it you are Mr Gear
Thanks for the complement but know
My name is George,
Named after all the good people
In the world, ’
So are you good then
One would like to think so, I’ve had no complaint
In fact one woman as said she thinks I’m a demy dog’’’
Don’t understand, but it must mean I am a real gem’’’
And why would I tell the woman that she’s wrong

Well actually it’s the woman I want you talk about
What makes her so different, to all the other females?

Well that’s easy, where would you like me to start
But I must warn you I’m not blond

I have never come across any other woman that can make my heart race
Like she can and every time I see her I see something that I’ve not notice before
; And I don’t need to say things that I don’t see or feel,
She also has a beauty and a kindness that comes from deep within
That she shows me, not all the time but it’s there! !
But it fills my body with the feeling of contentment and lovingness
It’s warmth like being wrap in a soft blanket
She also shines, when she in a good mood or when she miser me
She as a lovely spring in her step, and I love it when she hot for me
Or if she needs me to cuddle her, that gives me the feeling of being wanted
But what is real nice is her face when she wants me to deliver something
And I don’t, that when I see the tantrum that she has
And that is so sexy
(Are you biting your nails now?)

She said that you could never be serious
Is that right
Well that’s the difference I am usually always serious
But I do have to divert sometimes from what I’m saying
And doing, because in the present of her company
I still can’t control myself
It’s so difficult being in love, as well as being in lust with someone
(‘’That’s this hot,
That you work with
You cannot believe how hard it is at times
‘’Although she says she like it hard, make her feel like she’s
Not losing her touch, as if that could ever happen!

Don’t you get fed-up?
No because I could spend all day and every day with my head on her lap
Smelling her body sent and,
Just looking up at her double chin, that will get me a slap’
Who I do love her company, let me snog lulu, ’

I cannot begin to remember, what work was like before
Differently not has good as this.
Right going back then, i have said I’m not blonde?
Hear goes then
It is her that think she is, let say average
Well that shall put me in the good books; or the bad books
And it will not be the ones from the top self!
But you see the trouble
Is with her is she doesn’t see what I see, witch’ is nice that she not
Vain but I do love it when she’s confident with me

Let me tell you this when we first started this ‘’friendship‘’
I didn’t know how I felt about certain things
It’s like her toes when we started; she thought that I didn’t like her toes
But what it was I didn’t like someone else playing with them and her feet
I thing even then I had put a claim on them it tuck a very long time to put that out of my head
It wasn’t jealousy but it never sat right with me
And at the time her personality was something that I at to get use to
As well we had spent all those years working together, or working in the same
Place without knowing each other
I think it was we were just getting use to each other, maybe!
And perhaps I was a little insecure, that someone fancied me
Because I had never been in this kind of situation
Before especially with someone that is so above and beyond! My league
Just irreplaceable
So what else do I like
The way she looks at me, when she smiles and blows me a kiss
I love her neck when she sometime turns and tilts her head
And also her back when she show her shoulder to me
That seems so virginal like I am the first ever person that as seen it
And then if we stay on that side, her big saggy fat arss
And the bit of fat just under neath that
Right let turn her around now
Daisy and lulu, how good do they look?
(And I do love the fact that one’s bigger than the other)
And hairy Mary who now as the nickname the rug, that just needs a real good seeing too

I do hope from reading this that she knows how much I do appreciate her
And I do know that she makes every effort in her appearance
Even if we only are going to see each other for a very short time like
At the weekends. And please read and understand what I am saying
Because this is one of the reasons why I love you, it’s not the only reason
Hope I am not digging a hole for myself, cause there is only one hole
That I want, ; give it me babe’’

You are everything I have ever said and written about you
I honestly don’t think that there will ever be a time when I’ll go off you
Because I adore you the same now has ever
My life is so much better with you in it,
So thanks for that’’
And I know the love you have for me I could have used against you
But I never would

So do i still fancy you?
You are beautiful adorable sexy erotic, and you’re not bad in bed
‘A bit more practice wouldn’t goes a miss;
So that well be a yes then to fancying you

And if I didn’t find you all of the above why would I want you
In the way that I do?
You are beautiful
And I still feel the passion and the hunger in fact the hunger
At time is so overwhelming
Just like today,
It’s like now the feeling that you can give me after this amount
Of time and you’re not even hear with me
I can’t say what I’m going to do now
But are room is a clue’’

But I hope you can see, smell and remember the taste of me
It is you that makes me feel like this is not something that
I could ever make up
You really do have what it take even when you’re not with me
Just going to imagine a little bit now until albot is ready
You sometime look at me and ask if I have,

I don’t lie and it is always about you and what we
Have done, or what I would like to do
You see you have a sexiness that is second to none

I can see you, and I have had you
Be mine for a bit longer or at least until you become a size
Hope you didn’t want me to finish on a complement
Now come and clean this up! !

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