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Loneliness Of The Soul - Poem by Lilac Wine

Loneliness of the soul is a journey without a destination
A journey that one takes alone no hand to hold
Walking her distance but nothing in sight
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Comments about Loneliness Of The Soul by Lilac Wine

  • Lenny Camacho Lenny Camacho (5/29/2014 12:43:00 PM)

    I like this poem, although it needs a little more work... and I think that it refers more to Solitude than to Loneliness (Report) Reply

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  • Leslie Philibert (5/29/2014 5:37:00 AM)

    Not too sure if soul needs a gender.. her? I`ll check this..needs some work (Report) Reply

  • Tim Kitchin Tim Kitchin (5/29/2014 5:32:00 AM)

    I was left wanting another verse or two to real nail the image.
    I wasn't completely convinced that loneliness has a horizon and really wanted you to make me feel it.
    Also the raging sea didn't automatically connect me to loneliness. If you are after this sense of tension between surface and deep though, you would have also brought it out in the first analogy - e.g. 'stamping out the journey'...
    Feels like a poem that can get even better with work... Nice one! (Report) Reply

  • Jayne Davies Jayne Davies (5/29/2013 2:28:00 AM)

    Great poem! Well done! (Report) Reply

  • Savita Tyagi (5/30/2012 1:14:00 PM)

    Beautiful poem. Loved reading it. For most of us horizon is a distant dream. Journey is all we are left with. 'I' the only companion of my journey. (Report) Reply

  • Jasbir Chatterjee Jasbir Chatterjee (5/29/2012 12:46:00 AM)

    fantastic poem...loneliness of soul is a desert without an oasis, a desert with vast miles of sand, sand, and nothing else... (Report) Reply

  • Saadat Tahir Saadat Tahir (7/14/2010 3:57:00 PM)

    a lonely cry from the blue depths of the rifts far below.....

    very well liked it

    cheers (Report) Reply

  • thomas carolan (11/22/2009 6:57:00 PM)

    lovely and true poem lilac (Report) Reply

  • Naseer Ahmed Nasir Naseer Ahmed Nasir (4/28/2009 7:23:00 PM)

    Loneliness of the soul is like the ocean
    Blue and beckoning deceptively comforting
    Calm yet a torrent rages beneath her cool surface
    You see her horizon yet it’s unreachable

    A calm, cool, vast and deep poem filled with the feelings of nothingness, composed by a lonely soul.

    Naseer (Report) Reply

  • Cheryl Lynn Moyer-peele Cheryl Lynn Moyer-peele (7/28/2007 9:26:00 PM)

    Lilac - Such a cool deep color, much like your poetry. The scent lingers in the air, on the skin, and in your heart.

    Thanks - Cheryl (Report) Reply

  • Marci Made (6/19/2007 5:30:00 PM)

    This is such an insightful write, a feel good and think poem...Loneliness can actually phsically hurt and that's when we have to find something within our soul to hang on to......never easy to do.......You've said this so well......marci.xo (Report) Reply

  • Duncan Wyllie (5/27/2007 4:43:00 AM)

    This has a softness to it, something very sad and yet gentle,
    Well done again,
    Love duncan X (Report) Reply

  • Jack Tex (5/25/2007 6:13:00 AM)

    This is seriously cool, loneliness of the soul is sth bitter, yet undeniable. You really made my day by letting me know that we think alike...sure enough, great minds think alike...LOL

    Love n Stuff
    Mohammad (Report) Reply

  • Sandra Fowler (5/22/2007 11:19:00 AM)

    The soul of the poet is often solitary. But, the world is listening to your song. And a very fine song it is. Take care.

    Warm regards,

    Sandra (Report) Reply

  • Tara very irritated with PH injustice (5/22/2007 7:07:00 AM)

    You're a talented girl: and, I suspect, a stronger one than you think. The pen is strong, for sure. t x (Report) Reply

  • Madly In Love (5/22/2007 6:55:00 AM)

    Amazing poem I loved it (Report) Reply

  • Andrew mark Wilkinson (5/22/2007 6:31:00 AM)

    People make their own Loneliness when they are to afraid to try, dont be frightend of life...10 (Report) Reply

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