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Horses Of Helios Chapter 2 Euripides Or Charlax As Hercules - Poem by Charles Hice

Horses of Helios Chapter 2 Euripides OR Charlax as Hercules
by Charles Robert Hice (Notes) on Wednesday, May 15,2013 at 11: 47am

charlax poetry stay tuned for chapter three

Horses of Helios
Chapter 2 Euripides OR Charlax as Hercules
ed, noted.ed any resemblance to another poem is only natural
memory not history think science fiction ewe
Pegasus was not flying he was in a field of dandylions eating like a real horse CharlaX materialix next to him dressed in a lions robe like Hercules we look a lot alike in the bearded face and the Horse acted like he knew me eye had to get past Charons barge on the River StyX and get to Hades Pegasus was my only chance and so eye neared the Horse slowly as it pranced Happy to see Hercules CharlaX the White Horse with Wings allowed me to get on topp bareback and saddleless we began to take off from the dandylions field Plouton had taken Euripides to Hades to become his wife and she had refused and wished to become Human once more there was only one chance left now they had to climb on Pegasus back and fly to the cliff above the River StyX to walk the incline to the Earth it was a chance worth taking eye marvelled at the Horses Wingspan as we passed over Charon eye could see his electric eye like a lasar beaming upp he was so full of hate for life Hercules shuddered and Pegasus snorted down at the Stick Figure in his Black Robe standing on the Barge looking old eye had to move back to avoid Pegasus teeth yes he was that angry at the thief who steals souls Death we had to take the fork past Cerberus to get to the Throne of Plouton Pegasus stopped and Hercules got off. Reaching behind eye took there three hoods from three ghosts whom had come to watch us get eaten by the dog of Hades he had three heads and one by wicked one eye tied the bags over each head until he could not see us it was then and only then that the Great Winged Horse would let me back on and continue upward into Hades we went past the blind dog Cerberus we flew now as one creature eye felt like a Centaur as we flew into the cave up up and away around the bend and then Pegasus stopped again this time he let me stay on his back as he pranced uncertainly tword two thrones one held a skull it was Plouton the other was empty and yet it was Euripides for she was there a Ghost not yet saved as Human yet it was to the Skull throne we went Pegasus had seen Plouton almost like an olde dragon the Horse was snorting his derision at this god of the dead Hercules like the fact that the Horse held NO FEAR Plouton was held in fear of Pegasus so Hercules quickly stretched his SUperhuman arm out to Euripides he felt something as she grasped wraithlike onto this human and mounted Pegasus she sat just behind me and held on loosely to both wings and Pegasus took this as a sign and took off back the way we came flying low to the ground and fast like a fine tuned Jet we sped down the way past Cerberus did not get the bags off his three heads in time to stop us he sat there blind as the Horse passed the Barge of Charon there was a loud hissing noise like a snake the old Devil was thwarted of what he had thought was his when Pegasus let us off we dismounted and began the climb to freedom three times eye was tempted to turn to see Euripides climbing up behind me once Pegasus flew past on the way out and nipped at my ear to remind me not to look the Ghost follows you the Winged Horse seemed to say to me as eye stumbled and caught myself eye neared the top of the cave gave way to the field of Dandylions there was Pegasus calmly grazing and suddenly Euripides took form in the field in front of me a living creature a beautiful woman Behold Hercules she smiled.

charlax poetry stay tuned for chapter three

Poet's Notes about The Poem

science fiction is a genre of writing my prose poetry fits very well into

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