Chris Leermakers

Rookie - 323 Points (13/10/1974 / Melbourne, Australia)

High O/R Low? - Poem by Chris Leermakers

Some Still Dreaming
Some Still Soothing
Yeah That’s Okay
Today Still Some Peeling
Yeah Some Reeling, Some Plastic Really
Yeah So Pathetic
Can We Say

Are You
Are You The One Still Following
Yeah You Are The One That Kept Swallowing That Amaurotic Faith
Hook, Line, Fool And Sinker
And I Just Got Accused
Yeah I Got Amused
I Just Was, Was I?
Yeah Always A Thinker
…And Justice For All

Yeah Remember That Last Cold December
You Never Couldn’t
You Can’t Sedate
Yeah You Can’t Sedate All The Things You Hate

That’s OK, Always OK By Me
That You Still Like To Debate
Yeah Still Like To Hate
Cause I Am We
And We Are Many
Yeah Always Happy – Deciding On Our Own Fate

When I Might
Yeah When I Die
Don’t Really Care If You Cry
Yeah Don’t Be Afraid, But
Just Put Me And My Music
In Our Own Motorcade
Yeah In My Own Death Parade
…And Make Sure I’m In The Shade
Yeah Not Near Your Zone
Cause I’ve Always Liked
Yeah Always Liked To Be Alone
Good It Is
Now That Your Eyes Really Can See
High And Low
Yeah Both Behind And In Front Of You, Even Me
And Maybe To; Agree, Let’s See
Yeah Do You Now Agree
That The Crack Inside Your Fucking Heart, Is Not
And Never Was Me
They Always Were Your Seeds
Yeah Your Foul Seeds To Sow

If You Don’t Dance, You’re Dead
If You Don’t Regret, You Cry
If You Don’t Live, You Slide
Yeah If You Don’t Love, U Might Just Die

Time Is A Nuisance To All
Yeah To All That Consume It
Like A Slow Releasing Poison
Making It’s Mark
Sometimes Making It Spark In The Dark

Yeah It Creeps Up
It Creeps Up On Thee
To One Day Set You Free
Yeah All In All We Cannot See
The Timing
…And The Tuning Of Our Musical Strings
Yeah The Timing To Set Us Free
A Time To Decide What To Bring

Why Does It Exist
There Is No Why
Yeah It Simply Does
In The Sky, Land Or Water
High Or Low – What’s The Time Now
Cause I Got To Go
Yeah I’ve Gotta Go Back To My Own
Space Time,
My Time So I Can Glow
Yes Flow Down The River Of My Next Life
Yeah, Just Say On With The Show.

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