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Eve's (E) Den's In The Dictionary - Poem by AaI Harvey

Eve’s (E) den’s in the Dictionary

(I wrote this in the order the E words are written in the dictionary after Egalitarian, because I saw Egalitarian means equal rights)

I am egalitarian, I write my elocution words eloquently, to emancipate you and to eludicate human-e is positively humane,
Love eminates from God, as I must embark to Egypt, to embarrass the Devil, who embezzles the word of God to embed ember within each of

An embryo emerges to emancipate Earth, in a time of emergency, so emigrate to make a change, for his eminence is imminent, to emit emotion, through the emotional, emotive emperor and empress, to emphasize Egypt, emphatically, for his empire employs earthlings, to empower the empty and to emulate and to enable and to enamour, enchant so we can encircle and enclose the Devil in his enclosure beneath the Earth.

Encore! The encounter encourages encroachment with an encyclopedia of end which is now endangered. Endeavor to endear for the endless endowment is ending. We must endure to have endurance, to enchant and slay the enemy with energetic energy and enforce him to engage.

Engagement is engaging, so engineer an engine of engineering English to engrave the engrained for the engraving will engulf and enhance the enigma and we can enjoy enjoyably and enlarge the Disciples of Earth’s enlargement through enlightenment and become enlightened and enlist Earth into enmity against the enormity for enough enquire enrichment so enroll an ensign for the enslavement which ensues and entails shall enter Eden.

This enterprise will entertain the entertainer with entertainment and enthusiasm in the human-e, and entice the entire Earth with entitlement to the entrance to Eden.

The entrant entreats Earth to entrench and entrusts earth to entwine and enumerate and enunciate in search of entry to Eden

Edens envelopment will remove the envious environment for I envisage an envoy against envy shall change the enzyme of the ephemeral to become epic and the epidemic epilepsy shall be banished by the epilogue and epiphany found within an episode of an epistle before my epitaph epitomizes an epoch and we become equable and equal and equalize in earths equanimity to equate along the equator using an equation of 1+1 = equilibrium.

The equinox will equip the ecquitable with equity and an equivalent yet equivocal era. Eradicate evil and erase the erection of the ermine and erect the erotic and replace it with eroticism.

The erratic err era shall end and an errand will emancipate and erase an error through erudition. Earth shall erupt and escalate from an escapade and escape to escort an esquire from espionage and the essay shall tell of its essential essence to establish the establishment and estate. Human-e estimates esteem the estuary of eden shall become an etching eternally for eternity.

The ether and ethic shall emerge as ethical and ethics on ethnicity and etiquette shall be human-e. A eulogy shall end euphemism and euthanasia and evacuate and evade evil. An evangelist will evaporate evil and the evil shall have no evasion. Edens Eve shall be even and even-handed on the evening of the event and eventful and eventual eventuality and human-e shall be forever evergreen and everlasting for every human-e, everybody, everyone, everything every day in eden on earth and everywhere.

Evict evil with evident evidence of evil and evoke evolution to evolve human-e the ewe with exact exaltation in eden. An examination of the example shall exasperate evil and excavate human-e and Earth. The exceedingly excellent eden shall except evil and be exceptional to the exception of evil. An excerpt of the excessive excess shall exchange the exchequer to excise evil and shall exite the excitable and excited with excitement and exciting exclamation of Earth our Eden.

Edens excludes evil and the exclusive. No excommunication, excrement, excruciating evil shall be excused. Execute the executioner with an execution and executive as an exemplary or exemplify for earth is exempt of evil. Exercise human-e to exert. Exhaust the human-e’s exhaustion with empathy. To exhibit the exhibitor in an exhibition to exhilarate human-e and exhort exile from eden to exist in existence in eden without exit and to exonerate human-e and exorcise evil. The exotic shall expand across Earth’s expanse and expansion. the expatriate human-e is expected and expectant the expectation of eden and its expediency shall show human-e expects to expel evil from eden and to expedite an expedition to eden. Earth is expedient but evil expends with expenditure and expense and expensive experience, but eden is emancipation.

The experienced human-e has experimented with the experimental and left Eden for Earth. An expert with expertise expires to explain with human-e’s explanation being explanatory and explicit to explode around earth and exploit evil for exploratory exploration and end with human-e the explorer envisages an exponent to export the exposure to expound and express expression to the expressionless human-e to become expressive to expulsion evil.

Exquisite eden extends to an extensive extent and Eve’s exterior from eden shall exterminate evil. The external extinct shall extinguish the extinguisher and extort at extortionate extortation of evil from earth. Extra extra extracts of evil shall extradite evil extramarital as extraneous not extraordinary just extravagant evil on earth. Extreme extremists are evil extremity.
Extricate the extrovert with the exuberant human-e to exude earth and exult in the eye of eden. Eyeball the eye-catching eye-opener with eyesight in eden with human-e’s eye-witness for eden is the eyrie

(C) 2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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