Brian Johnston

(Jan.20,1943 / Shattuck, OK)

Digital Creationism

Digital Creationism
(Man 0, God 1)

Part 1: Binary God
For men it seems God is a binary function
And like ones and zeros 'HE IS ON or 'he's off.'
Is it luck that He is a guest at your table?
'His existence is truly a bad joke, ' you scoff!

A God that's real, beyond control yes, but not prayer,
And if He does exist, my friend, all bets are in.
When God backs up YOUR thoughts, well all's peachy dandy.
But to NOT know His law never excuses your sin!

The Bible's God created all in just one week,
But who are we really to say we KNOW His ways,
Why bind Him to the parables He told a child -
We are older now and weaned off Mom's milk for days?

But these days are not years and man still lacks wisdom
Though primal earth's been here for four billion years
Man's acquaintance with earth is really quite recent -
Seems Goliath and dinosaurs were never peers.

The crux of the matter is clear, for all to see…
Science is part of God's plan, it's not up for vote.
Though as men stuck in pride, we see through glass darkly -
Creationist know-alls simply missed Noah's boat.

Part 2: Binary Faith
Our faith just has two states and there's no in-between.
I find I can lose mine in my struggle with rhyme.
Yes, its binary nature quite easy to see.
And my dark plunge to zero can turn on a dime.

My faith's weight it seems is much smaller than mustard,
For no mountain have I ever moved in my life,
Through two marriages tried so hard to stay the course,
My faith never was able to secure my wife.

I am not always sure of the state that I'm in,
Sometimes faith's drum rattles soft, a cat's silky purr
Sometimes crescendoing sound, like rain on a roof
Is so forceful that its beat is lost in a blur.

If faith is the sound, then is silence its absence?
Is upbeat or downbeat most likely to serve us?
Arrogance linked to noise, but service to silence,
In faith there's no calling to ever be nervous.

Whatever the rhythm of faith - God can hear it,
No concern if arrhythmic or slow on attack
Whether staccato, or with beat syncopated,
Christ's death on the cross smooths over all that we lack.

Part 3: Binary Love
Now what about Love, can Love really be turned on?
Well one thing I'm sure of, I have seen it turned off.
‘Love' juiced on fashion and lust - sparks out the wazoo,
But can quickly be shed like a cloak you just doff.

And can one be one if one should love another?
Does loving another mean that ‘oneness' is lost?
Is this more than zero (the math escalating!) -
But returning to zero sure seems quite a cost.

Could our problem be solved, with some new dimensions,
By Base 3, Base 4, …, or Hexadecimal math?
In today's zealot's world does real Love have a chance?
Science also a victim of Tea Party's wrath?

The Supreme Court spoke and defined ‘porno' for us,
Their infamous, ‘We know it when we see it' rule,
Proved to the whole world our highest court is a joke,
Helped ‘idiocy' define Conservative cool.

With the rest of mankind, ‘Supremes' stupid and blind,
Provincial logic self-justification,
Like lemmings that rush toward one more deadly cliff edge,
They importune us with perverse education.

Part 4: Binary You
Aware of YOUR off switch? Some might say sleep, some death,
And some thinking of dreams might even doubt it exists.
Will robots ever dream, men better than they are?
A robot does turn off, but with power persists.

Are they better than we are? Can ‘Matter' beat ‘Mind? '
If we side with mankind, is it true we are fair?
With spare parts, revisions, robots have no problem,
While dreams of obsolescence, cause us to despair.

In my California (and in other states too!)
There are posh seminars that claim YOU'RE robotic.
And charge lots of money to convince you it's fact.
(The seminar's price does help one feel less psychotic.)

There are many who fault those of narrow purpose.
Maybe dreams are a problem? How can dreams be real?
But surely it's better in fact to stay grounded,
If you live in your dreams, can you trust what you feel?

Binary you, probably is too simplistic,
Still I'm guessing that some of it explains our art,
That it's my art too nails the need for this poem,
Because in this world's evil we all play a part.

Part 5: Epilogue
I say let's give up dreams of binary safety,
Let's admit life's complex and somehow carry on.
Perhaps trusting God that there is a hereafter,
And embrace tears and joy, day and night, mind and brawn.

Submitted: Monday, July 14, 2014
Edited: Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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Brian Johnston
July 14,2014

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  • Bri Edwards (7/20/2014 12:28:00 AM)

    re Binary God:

    The Bible's God created all in just one week, ..............well, i almost don't want to comment on the falsity or veracity of the pro or con 'God' statements in this poem, ..............but i will on one point at least. in the aforesaid quote, the author states a widely preached notion (biblical fact) that the 'heavens' and earth and everything on earth was created in seven days, supposedly including man (and woman) . do you, brian, believe that? if so, why do you then mention goliath and dinosaurs [Seems Goliath and dinosaurs were never peers.] as if they were not both created in one week.

    [and if you feel you can now say that a day in the book of genesis was longer than the modern day known to mankind i.e. longer, perhaps MUCH longer, than 24 hours, why didn't you mention THAT in the poem? ]

    IF you believe in God AND you believe in the bible (as a God-given-through-men rendering of true events) , BUT there is doubt about how man should interpret the bible, (which for me at least was a basic tool of my church to 'make me' believe the God story) , why do you even mention the bible [The Bible's God created all in just one week, ]? ?

    re Binary Faith:

    ah, yes, i believe faith is an easy come/easy go beast. but i, at least, have no control over when it comes or it goes. i developed a belief in God as a child directed, directly and indirectly, to a belief in God by my parents and ministers and sunday school teachers. did i really have a choice? ? was i NOT supposed to believe adults who were to be trusted to teach me the truth? ? ? but, once i started to mature mentally and NOT take the word of adults as fact at all times, i started to have my doubts and it was a gradual pathway over a very few years to the point where i lost my faith.

    as for mustard....i believe it was the weight of a mustard SEED, not a whole jar. and don't worry brian, faith in God (if that is what you are still talking about) probably does not help many people to maintain a marriage that has 'real' problems. and i don't think it necessarily should. i've been divorced three times and am making another effort at marriage (6+ years so far this time) . so don't fault a lack of faith in God; but it could be a problem of a lack of faith in other things!

    Christ's death on the cross smooths over all that we lack. ..............does this mean i no longer have to look forward to hell? (not that i believe in either heaven OR hell!) if the (supposed) Christ's death on the cross smooths over all that we lack., does that mean i can lack faith in God completely and still go to heaven? this and the previous question are rhetorical! ! ! i don't really rely on any human to give me the answers.

    re Binary Love:

    The Supreme Court spoke and defined ‘porno' for us,
    Their infamous, ‘We know it when we see it' rule,
    Proved to the whole world our highest court is a joke,
    Helped ‘idiocy' define Conservative cool.

    brian, i think you got off the track a bit in this section, BUT I DID ENJOY the move to discussing porn and the supreme court (of the u.s.) , and the supreme court rulings in general. did all the justices concur with the definition of 'porno', or was it just Republicans? of course, keep in mind, the supreme court is made up of women and men who represent some cross section of the u.s. population in their voting on some of the laws of the land. of course some 'majority' rulings are bound to rankle part of our population.
    as for the desire to define pornography, i suppose it is a useful definition to have, AND i think i can understand what the statement ‘We know it when we see it' means. but, then again, what is porn to me is probably not the same as what porn is to another. then there is the question how is porn to be regulated? . i think it should be, but not because i think pornography is bad stuff, but because i believe it is inappropriate for people too immature to deal with it in a way which allows them to develop socially to be 'mentally healthy' and 'upright citizens'. personally, as an adult, i see nothing wrong with viewing pornography if it does not interfere with one's duties to themselves and others. i DO think people should NOT be forced to participate in the creation or viewing of it. i would not feel it appropriate to allow a minor child of mine to view it, and certainly not to be part of its creation, especially against their will.


    re Binary You:

    While dreams of obsolescence, cause us to despair. ........i found this 'interesting', but it does not apply to me. first of all, i would not despair if i became obsolete. second of all, i'll NEVER become obsolete. i'm irreplaceable!
    re Epilogue:

    MY epilogue: this WAS interesting, and somewhat thought-provoking. at other times it was just provoking. i appreciate rhyming, but feel the poem might have been clearer if rhyming had not been attempted at the same time the author was trying to say so much serious (?) stuff. maybe an essay would have been a more appropriate form for this? ? ? ?

    but, THANKS FOR SHARING. AND now i can tell my wife that you've been married twice; she was wondering.
    bri :) :) [no time to proofread further; my wife is watching the clock! ] (Report) Reply

    Brian Johnston (7/24/2014 11:31:00 PM)

    Wow what a fun comment Bri. Maybe we should enroll in Seminary so that we both can get some fresh answers. The ones we both got in church growing up were sure stale!

    The only problem your questions are all questions that I thought my poem answered? ! Ha! This poem was supposed to be a primarily funny poem making fun of Creationism and Creationists but I realized early that the seriousness of the issues I was raising might dull the humor for many. I hope God will be patient with me just a little while longer, I keep missing the mark! ? Remember that this poem is meant primarily to skewer literalists (the God has no sense of humor folk) . The very idea that anything about life is binary certainly the biggest joke of all.

    Part 1: Binary God
    Ist stanza: God is binary only in men's minds not in fact. For some He sits at their table, an honored guest daily, for others He is a bad joke. (Why is that? Is it possible their ideas of God are so ill-founded as to make Him invisible?)

    2nd Stanza: God is not controlled by how we understand His Word. It is His Word and we are generally not very bright. If our understanding is flawed how can we hold Him to our understanding of His Word (which of course is not His Word) . Our access to God is through prayer and not through our own intellect. If He exists He is God, not our poor understanding of Him. If God is real, in short, your opinion (and mine) of His Nature does not define Him or His Judgement on your life.

    3rd Stanza: This stanza suggests that the entire Bible is Parable and not literal truth. It does contain Truth, but Parables are stories that contain truth and not 'Truth' itself. Christ taught in Parables, Christ is God in a man's body, therefore the Bible, God's word, is also Parables and not literally true in it's entirety. The literalists who insist that it is 'literally' true are literally tools of Satan.

    4th Stanza: Irony all over the place. We know dinosaurs existed and that the earth is over 4 Billion Years old. Goliath and dinosaurs were not buddies, therefore the Biblical story of creation has to be Parable, meant for children, not modern man to whom God has given a new Promised Land, a new Eden revisited, where we must indeed grow up if we are to survive at all.

    5th Stanza: In rejecting God's gifts to man, including Science, Creationists may literally be the 'walking dead' of modern times. They live among the Pharisees who prove their worth by right action, they are kindred spirits to the wedding guests who arrive late to the party and who are rejected because in spite of their protestations to the contrary (God informs them) that they have never really served Christ in their lives. Fundamentally they seem to have absolutely no understanding of God's Grace. Boy it was fun to say that!

  • Gulsher John (7/15/2014 8:35:00 PM)

    Ahhh Mr Brian... u've missed an important personality here, the super hero Mr Satan, without him the whole drama of biblical's creation is literally dull and boring, and even this binary code won't be decoded if satan gets subtracted. Don't u see that his presence proceeded all the acts and scenes of the tragedy of Genesis.
    while reading your this poem, my mind recalled the famous documentary on BBC (the god delusion) by Professor Richard Dawkins, i m sure you have watched that.
    i wish to comment on the contents of the poem but then decided against.Anyway the poem is good, stanza are gracefully titled and constructed and i like the rhyme too. u r right the poem need to be revise and should annex with more events and details, i m sure it turns to be a new paradise lost.
    good luck. (Report) Reply

    Brian Johnston (7/17/2014 9:38:00 AM)

    I prefer to let the Devil take care of himself. The same attitude I have toward the former PH poet whose site was taken down apparently because of salacious comments he was making about me and other poets. I agree that the devil is real, and lives still in the hearts of men, but I agree with Milton that the battle already is won. Satan is simply not intelligent enough to know that he (small letters) has lost, and in fact is already dead. Satan is not worth any ink.

    Professor Dawkins is also a very intelligent man but is deluded I believe by his own intellect. There is nothing about God that can be proven or disproven, and the good professor is simply evacuating his bladder into the wind. (Can I say that on PH?) : -) Dawkins suffers from his own delusion, of valuing his own intellect above his heart. All God needs, to be recognized by any man, is for that man to humbly admit that the only contribution he has ever made toward the creation of the universe (the miracle that it is) is to share God's love for it with God. It's hard for me to imagine that that does not please God immensely. And in sharing God's love for His creation (for us really) , don't we participate in a small way in our own creation, our continued existence? If God does exist, isn't this creation an incredible sneak preview of the wonders that heaven itself might have to offer?

    However, I, for one, wish to put God on notice right here, publicly, that if I can't get really good Indian curry in heaven, I will seek, to the best of my ability, a way to get to wherever it is served! : -)

  • Gangadharan Nair Pulingat (7/14/2014 3:51:00 AM)

    For my own limitations I cannot go deep into the meanings of the poem but I feel it is a beautiful and mystical poem of belief and the concluding para of the poem in epilogue is the conclusion of the thoughts which I feel as wonderful with nice feelings. (Report) Reply

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