Peter Cloutier Jabalee

Rookie [David Fernand] (December 17th,1990 / Montreal, Canada)

Biography of Peter Cloutier Jabalee

My name is Peter Cloutier, AKA Coco Nitty. I got the name Coco Nitty as a nickname from some of my friends when I was younger.

I first started writing poetry in Grade 9 and wrote a lot, but stopped for quite awhile. I plan on getting back into it now, but with a new style.

The new me plans on making all my poems, or at least most of them, tell a story. I currently have no e-books available, but I plan on making quite a few e-books with all of my best poems.

If you read my poems and like them, add me to your friends list or subscribe to my poems, and send me a message. Every bit of inspiration I get from fans motivates me to reach my ultimate goal.

Thank you all, and I hope you enjoy the poetry I write.
~Peter Cloutier AKA Coco Nitty. Updates

Welcome To Hell (Horror)

A newlywed couple,
Set off for L.A.
To Celebrate Marriage,
They’d be there in days.

The last long stretch,
Was a highway of desert.
But at the end of the road,
Was the break they deserved.

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