Peter Cloutier Jabalee

Rookie [David Fernand] (December 17th,1990 / Montreal, Canada)

Biography of Peter Cloutier Jabalee

My name is Peter Cloutier, AKA Coco Nitty. I got the name Coco Nitty as a nickname from some of my friends when I was younger.

I first started writing poetry in Grade 9 and wrote a lot, but stopped for quite awhile. I plan on getting back into it now, but with a new style.

The new me plans on making all my poems, or at least most of them, tell a story. I currently have no e-books available, but I plan on making quite a few e-books with all of my best poems.

If you read my poems and like them, add me to your friends list or subscribe to my poems, and send me a message. Every bit of inspiration I get from fans motivates me to reach my ultimate goal.

Thank you all, and I hope you enjoy the poetry I write.
~Peter Cloutier AKA Coco Nitty. Updates

The Weeping Willow

There once was a Willow,
Born under the sun.
Who had lived as long,
As time had begun.

Throughout the years,
He began to weep.
For he lived alone,
And so his pain had grown deep.

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