Top 500 Poems


# Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
476. Sidney Lanier poet A Song Of Eternity In Time by Sidney Lanier
Once, at night, in the manor wood
My Love and I long silent stood,
6.40 13
477. Letitia Elizabeth Landon poet Revenge by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Ay, gaze upon her rose-wreathed hair,
And gaze upon her smile;
7.22 21
478. Allenika ... poet Alone on Sea by Allenika ... Rookie
Alone i lay on a wooden raft
Alone i stay in the dark
7.03 28
479. Mohammad Akmal Nazir poet *A Humble Complaint* by Mohammad Akmal Nazir Rookie - 0 Points
You could have been more polite observing me,
Your harsh words have left
8.74 227
480. Emily Jane Brontë poet Come, Walk With Me by Emily Jane Brontë
Come, walk with me,
There's only thee
5.60 5
481. Theodore Roethke poet In A Dark Time by Theodore Roethke
In a dark time, the eye begins to see,
I meet my shadow in the deepening shade;
7.71 2
482. Abdul Wahab poet >>>I Want To Die by Abdul Wahab Freshman - 2,072 Points
Heavenly cursed and heavily sinned I
No more i like to add them, so, I want to die
8.58 95
483. Sheldon Allan Silverstein poet A Boy Named Sue by Sheldon Allan Silverstein
Well, my daddy left home when I was three,
and he didn't leave much to Ma and me,
6.34 4
484. Michael Shepherd poet ! A grief ago by Michael Shepherd Rookie
'There is no grief
which time does not lessen
5.61 32
485. Dr Hitesh Sheth poet Why Me? by Dr Hitesh Sheth Rookie - 3 Points
When the hopes are hassled
And relationships are rattled
9.25 113
486. arianna loshnowsky poet funny... but not by arianna loshnowsky Rookie
it's funny how hello is always accompanied with goodbye
it's funny how good memories can start to make you cry
9.12 16
487. Andre Breton poet Freedom of Love by Andre Breton
(Translated from the French by Edouard Rodti)
My wife with the hair of a wood fire
5.89 6
488. Siegfried Sassoon poet A Child's Prayer by Siegfried Sassoon
For Morn, my dome of blue,
For Meadows, green and gay,
6.12 2
489. Dante Gabriel Rossetti poet Dream-Love by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Young Love lies sleeping
In May-time of the year,
5.90 9
490. Sappho poet On what is best by Sappho
Some celebrate the beauty
of knights, or infantry,
6.38 7
491. Edwin Brock poet Five Ways To Kill A Man by Edwin Brock
There are many cumbersome ways to kill a man.
You can make him carry a plank of wood
6.94 18
492. Sharon Olds poet The Victims by Sharon Olds
When Mother divorced you, we were glad. She took it and
took it in silence, all those years and then
6.80 5
493. Alfred Noyes poet A Song of Sherwood by Alfred Noyes
Sherwood in the twilight, is Robin Hood awake?
Grey and ghostly shadows are gliding through the brake,
5.87 3
494. Mirza Ghalib poet Heart it is, Not a Brick or Stone by Mirza Ghalib
Heart it is, not a brick or stone
Why shouldn't it feel the pain?
5.97 5
495. Octavio Paz poet As One Listens To The Rain by Octavio Paz
Listen to me as one listens to the rain,
not attentive, not distracted,
7.26 6
496. Jordan Moore poet Her... by Jordan Moore Rookie
I can never get my mind off her,
I wonder if she'd mind if i'd,
7.03 27
497. Emma Lazarus poet The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus
Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
6.72 4
498. Nizar Qabbani poet In The Summer by Nizar Qabbani
In the summer
I stretch out on the shore
6.58 3
499. Wislawa Szymborska poet Some Like Poetry by Wislawa Szymborska
Some -
thus not all. Not even the majority of all but the minority.
7.17 10
500. Lawrence Ferlinghetti poet Constantly Risking Absurdity by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Constantly risking absurdity
and death
7.73 4
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