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401. Vitaï Lampada
There's a breathless hush in the Close to-night --
Ten to make and the match to win --
Sir Henry Newbolt poet by Sir Henry Newbolt
on 1/1/2000
402. Hug O'War
I will not play at tug o' war.
I'd rather play at hug o' war,
Sheldon Allan Silverstein poet by Sheldon Allan Silverstein
on 1/1/2000
403. Lonely am I
Lonely are the nights
Lonely are the days
jim foulk poet by jim foulk
on 1/1/2000
404. Terror
Flashing rays
Thunderous sound
Sulaiman Mohd Yusof poet by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof
on 1/1/2000
405. Affliction
When thou didst entice to thee my heart,
I thought the service brave:
George Herbert poet by George Herbert
on 1/1/2000
406. A Memory of June
When June comes dancing o'er the death of May,
With scarlet roses tinting her green breast,
Claude McKay poet by Claude McKay
on 1/1/2000
407. I Say I Say I Say
Anyone here had a go at themselves
for a laugh? Anyone opened their wrists
Simon Armitage poet by Simon Armitage
on 1/1/2000
408. Marriage A-La-Mode
Why should a foolish marriage vow,
Which long ago was made,
John Dryden poet by John Dryden
on 1/1/2000
409. I Am the Only Being Whose Doom
I am the only being whose doom
No tongue would ask no eye would mourn
Emily Jane Brontë poet by Emily Jane Brontë
on 1/1/2000
410. History of the Night
Through the course of generations
men brought the night into being.
Jorge Luis Borges poet by Jorge Luis Borges
on 1/1/2000
411. Every Time I Kiss You
Every time I kiss you
After a long separation
Nizar Qabbani poet by Nizar Qabbani
on 1/1/2000
412. To a Cat
Mirrors are not more silent
nor the creeping dawn more secretive;
Jorge Luis Borges poet by Jorge Luis Borges
on 1/1/2000
413. How pleasant to know Mr. Lear
How pleasant to know Mr. Lear,
Who has written such volumes of stuff.
Edward Lear poet by Edward Lear
on 1/1/2000
414. Faces In The Street

They lie, the men who tell us in a loud decisive tone
Henry Lawson poet by Henry Lawson
on 1/1/2000
415. Sorry, I’m So Sorry
Sorry for making you mad
Sorry for everything I said
kalista mccart poet by kalista mccart
on 1/1/2000
416. All dreams not come true###(in 500)
All dreams may not come true
All credits due may not accrue
hasmukh amathalal poet by hasmukh amathalal
on 1/1/2000
417. Any Soul That Drank the Nectar
Any soul that drank the nectar of your passion was lifted.
From that water of life he is in a state of elation.
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi poet by Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
on 1/1/2000
418. love is in my thought
Love is blind
Love is eyed
rajnish jena poet by rajnish jena
on 1/1/2000
419. A bee
A bee
staggers out
Matsuo Basho poet by Matsuo Basho
on 1/1/2000
420. Anna Who Was Mad
Anna who was mad,
I have a knife in my armpit.
Anne Sexton poet by Anne Sexton
on 1/1/2000
421. Name Of Horses
All winter your brute shoulders strained against collars, padding
and steerhide over the ash hames, to haul
Donald Hall poet by Donald Hall
on 1/1/2000
422. LOVE IS
What is love, Love can't see you but you can't see it
Love is a sneaky thing I guess sort of slick
Daniel Chapman poet by Daniel Chapman
on 1/1/2000
423. A Friend Like You
A friend like you is like no other friend
A friend like you is a friend i dont regret meeting
Jenni Cortes poet by Jenni Cortes
on 1/1/2000
424. Blackberry-Picking
Late August, given heavy rain and sun
For a full week, the blackberries would ripen.
Seamus Heaney poet by Seamus Heaney
on 1/1/2000
425. What Were They Like?
Did the people of Viet Nam
use lanterns of stone?
Denise Levertov poet by Denise Levertov
on 1/1/2000
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