Oscar Mireles

Oscar Mireles Poems

1. Assasination Day 5/19/2005
2. Lost And Found Language 5/15/2005
3. Fathers Day Poem (...A Day Late...) 6/19/2006
4. When I Was Asked What My Favorite Body Part Was? 1/2/2006
5. A “z” Is More Then The Last Letter Of The Alphabet… 1/8/2006
6. Slanted Eyes Are Beautiful...Slanted Eyes Are Beautiful! ! ! 5/31/2005
7. Will Grandma Mickey’s Hair Still Be White, When We Are In Heaven? 5/17/2005
8. What I Did During My Summer Vacation, That Made Me Want To Stay In College 1/8/2006
9. Poetry Can Be Hard On Your Hands 5/16/2005
10. I'M Gonna Take The South Out Of South Africa 5/17/2005
11. Why Did You Name Me Javier Dad…part 2 1/2/2006
12. Strung Up By A String 1/2/2006
13. This Is One Of The Reasons Chicanos Are Camera Shy 1/7/2006
14. Courage 5/6/2010
15. The Researcher Tried To Explain The Reasons Black Girls Get Pregnant 1/2/2006
16. College Wrestling My Freshmen Year 11/26/2005
17. Prenatal Massage On My Wife’s Protruding Body 1/8/2006
18. The Last Hurrah...On The Wrestling Mat 1/2/2006
19. Thanks To The People Who Showed Up At A Poetry Reading At Fifteen Below Zero 1/8/2006
20. It Could Be Worse 5/16/2005
21. My Mother Is A Social Worker Who Works In A Hospital 1/3/2006
22. Hey Soos 1/3/2006
23. Electronic Touching 10/26/2005
24. 'Love Mexican Style' Is Not A Reality Television Show 1/8/2006
25. Baby In The Bathwater 5/23/2005
26. The Last Dance Ended Before The Song Was Over 1/8/2006
27. If You Take Care Of Them, New Shoes Can Last A Long Time 1/2/2006
28. Eightyfive Pound Racine Junior High School City Wrestling Champion 1/2/2006
29. Courage Is Setting Yourself Free 1/2/2006
30. History Lessons Are Programmed To Repeat Themselves, Until We Learn To Change 1/8/2006
31. Diego’s Ninety Day Follow-Up Check In 1/8/2006
32. The Wrestlers Funeral 5/17/2005
33. Eyewitness To Shooting That Could Have Been Me 5/17/2005
34. My Birthday Was Different This Year 1/2/2006
35. Listening To Conversations At The Gym While I Worry About My Athletes Foot 6/20/2006
36. The Almost 9 Minutes Car Ride 5/6/2010
37. Romance And Reality 1/2/2006
38. Divorce Is One Of The Easier Reasons To Change Your Address At The Post Office 1/2/2006
39. The Annual Hometown Fiesta Weekends Always Had More In Store Than I Bargained For 1/6/2006
40. B-I-N-G-O Is Not A Four Letter Word 1/6/2006
Best Poem of Oscar Mireles

Assasination Day

In the seventh grade in 1967,
playing football on the school playground
I heard that
Martin Luther King Jr.
had been assassinated,

Some kids cried,
I felt a little sad.
other students didn’t know what to feel

I headed up to the third floor classroom
for my fourth period class
at Washington Junior High School,
I realized I had to step it up a bit
cause I was running late

As I turned the corner and
shot up the final set of stairs
I saw an unfamiliar black face

standing like King Kong
at the top of the ...

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The Wrestlers Funeral

I still cannot remember the first name
of the funeral home but the second name
was Hooverman I think
and as I tried to follow the mapquest directions
I must have pressed scenic route
because it had enough twists
curves and large hills
and dips
to resemble living a hectic life

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