Ongom Aloti Adero jr.

Rookie [Adero jr.] (Lira, Uganda, East Africa!)

Biography of Ongom Aloti Adero jr.

law student at the Makerere university, Kampala. poet with the lantern meet of poets, Kampala, Uganda. love with reggae music, bob Marley, alpha Blondy, Damian Marley...anything raggaeish, anything pan African, anything inspirational, anything loving of one love, anything humane is good enough for a soul rich live is to give..and only the best is worth giving and that best is love! - Grew up in northern Uganda, LRAs 'lavish' 'abattoir'- war is UGLY! Updates

The Seed

Simply the living that was,
Now never to be that was,
Will in the end reap that was
In the living, the seed
A curse or a blessing! !

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