Nur Meiyati

Nur Meiyati Poems

1. My Forever Secret 9/2/2013
2. Our First Lovemaking 11/26/2013
3. I Informed You, 'I Am Pregnant' 10/11/2013
4. My God And Your God 12/16/2013
5. Between You And Me 10/6/2013
6. My Bad Habit 12/18/2013
7. Who Am I 12/4/2013
8. My Trust 10/5/2013
9. I Will Not Leak Our Secret Relationship 10/12/2013
10. Choice 10/13/2013
11. Universal Morality 9/22/2013
12. You Look Sad 9/15/2013
13. Do You Think I Am A Doll 9/7/2013
14. I Am The Queen Of Myself 12/5/2013
15. A Hero For Me 11/26/2013
16. Sharks And Fear 9/24/2013
17. My Home 12/5/2013
18. My Love And Compassion 12/5/2013
19. My Ambition Is To Be A Prostitute 12/11/2013
20. My Grandmother (Reminiscence Of My Childhood) 12/4/2013
21. Did I Go To The Wrong God 12/2/2013
22. A Get Well Soon Card 10/1/2013
23. I Care 10/3/2013
24. I Will Not Die Soon 10/4/2013
25. Majority Basis 9/26/2013
26. Your Birthday 9/29/2013
27. At Last You Are Gone 9/9/2013
28. So What? 9/11/2013
29. I Will Not Read Your Mind 9/12/2013
30. When The Men Was Blinded 9/17/2013
31. Community As An Identity 9/19/2013
32. How Can We Reach You 9/8/2013
33. Don'T Be In Love With Me 10/14/2013
34. May I 10/18/2013
35. Our Small Paradise 10/23/2013
36. All About You And Me 10/24/2013
37. I Will Be Safe 10/27/2013
38. Favourite Things We Did 10/31/2013
39. Love And In Love 11/1/2013
40. You Are My Property 11/2/2013
Best Poem of Nur Meiyati

My Forever Secret

I was only fifteen when I had a boyfriend for the first time
He was three years older than me
I was not the only one at may age, in fact, who had a boyfriend
Although we knew well that there should never be such a relationship
As it is not allowed by my religion
At first we just chatted or sent short messages via our hand phones
Although we lived in the same town
Then we dared to meet
It was all the first time for us
To know that it was so nice being so close
Our heart was beating very fast
Oh, it was so sensational to touch each other
Never knew before ...

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How Can We Reach You

You say don't blame our religion
If there are terrors, violence, and wars
It is the men who are not good and not religious
Anyone can condemn us, but never criticize our religion
Doing that is a blasphemy, a contempt, or an attack on us

That is the point

How can we reach you if you shut the door that no one can get through

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