Nur Meiyati

Poems of Nur Meiyati

1. A Get Well Soon Card 10/1/2013
2. A Hero For Me 11/26/2013
3. Alien and You 12/13/2013
4. All About You and Me 10/24/2013
5. Am I Wrong 12/3/2013
6. At Last You Are Gone 9/9/2013
7. Between You and Me 10/6/2013
8. Can a Man Be Sad 11/29/2013
9. Choice 10/13/2013
10. Community as an Identity 9/19/2013
11. Counting the Days 11/30/2013
12. Did I Go to the Wrong God 12/2/2013
13. Do You Think I Am A Doll 9/7/2013
14. Don't Be in Love with Me 10/14/2013
15. Driving 11/3/2013
16. Favourite Things We Did 10/31/2013
17. Honesty 12/4/2013
18. How Can We Reach You 9/8/2013
19. I 11/11/2013
20. I Am So Sorry 12/14/2013

So What?

So what
If you wear clothes
That cover almost all parts of your body
And you guard each single part of your body as holy or sinful
It does not make you more or less holy than the others who don't
It does not guarantee that you are closer to heaven
If I - or anyone like me - don't wear such clothes
It does not make me lower or higher than you
At least in the perception of anyone outside your circle

[Hata Bildir]