Treasure Island

Ninette Gumanda

[G Ninette]

Poems of Ninette Gumanda

1. Love has limits 2/13/2014
2. My Mind Has A Mind Of Its Own 2/23/2013
3. Mysterious Brown Eyes 3/4/2013
4. What Do You See? 2/23/2013
5. Who Are We? 2/20/2014
6. You Were Here Once 2/23/2013

You Were Here Once

What happened to those days?
When I could hear the sound of your voice
Your laughter.
I saw you smile. I stared into your eyes
You were here once, so close, yet so far.
In that land of dreams
It wasn't just a dream, was it?
I let those days slip off my hands
I held you once.

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