Treasure Island

Nicole GravellPellerino

[Gravell] (04/09/1986 / Buffalo, Ny)

Biography of Nicole GravellPellerino

I was born on April 9th,1986 in Buffalo, NY and was raised in Lewiston/Youngstown, NY. near Fort Niagara. I currently reside in Jamestown, NY. My parents divorced when I was only 6. It has had a huge impact on my life and my writing. I can't honestly say that I have always enjoyed poetry. But I always loved reading and writing. I wrote my first poem in 2003 at the age of 17. I started writing to help me deal with issue that were going on in my life and continue to do so today.
I find writing to be a wonderful stress reliever and find it to be very therapeutic Updates

Shattered and alone

your words are jumbled and slurred
your eyes are blood shot red and vision your vision is blurred
in the fridge you reach for more beers
my hear breaks and down come the tears

You can't function without it at all
and sober days you can not recall
broken and violent home is all we've ever known
leaving us shattered and alone

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