Nero CaroZiv

Poems of Nero CaroZiv

1. A bird at my window 12/18/2010
2. A book bazaar 12/18/2010
3. A Cankered Love or 1/10/2012
4. A Child Night Thought 1/4/2014
5. A child dream 5/5/2014
6. A child winter night 7/23/2010
7. A dark chilly dreary morning 8/14/2010
8. A day at the zoo 12/18/2010
9. A Day Of Laugh And Love In The Sun 7/10/2012
10. A dialog with the sea 11/2/2010
11. A false love 4/30/2014
12. A forest nymph 5/26/2013
13. A gracious silhouette on the path of light 8/12/2010
14. A lover laments 1/25/2012
15. A meeting 8/10/2014
16. A Midnight summer hour 5/13/2012
17. A Morning Awakening 8/22/2012
18. A Morning Rush 6/28/2011
19. A night at a garden 8/21/2010
20. A night mood 8/21/2010

Is it gone?

Is it gone? Is it Silent? My pulses beat
What is it a mock trick of the brain
Yet not, I thought I saw her stand
As a shadow, a speechless phantom with awe at my feet
And then like a lightning flashed vanished from the land
She is gone, and heaven start falling in gentle rain
When they should burst violently and drown with deluge storms
Uprooted sturdy trees; blown rocks into air as morsels grain
Turn the earth on its face and call upon it the vexed sea

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