Nero CaroZiv

Nero CaroZiv Poems

1. A Child Winter Night 7/23/2010
2. It Is That You Have Fled From Me 7/24/2010
3. In Storm And In Tempest We Two Parted 7/24/2010
4. Yesterday I Saw A Girl Walking Down The Streets 7/24/2010
5. Farewell And Be Well Ungrateful Adulterous Lover 7/24/2010
6. Oh Wordsworth! Wordsworth! 7/24/2010
7. Ah A Happy Lover Once Was I 7/24/2010
8. Oh Me, Oh Poor Shrunk Brittle Me 7/24/2010
9. I Wish I Could Remember The First Night We Met 7/24/2010
10. Sacramento's Sacraments 7/24/2010
11. College Love Lost 7/24/2010
12. College Heart Aches 7/24/2010
13. An Ecstasy Of Solitude In An Estranged City 7/25/2010
14. We Shall Stroll No More 7/25/2010
15. Love Oscillations 7/25/2010
16. I Found Your Foot Print On The Sand 7/25/2010
17. Ah, Past Middle Age Woman Upon Whom I Gaze 7/28/2010
18. Harbor Me Beneath Your Wings 8/7/2010
19. The Haunting Of A Hunter 8/7/2010
20. I Passed By The Place Where You Abode 8/7/2010
21. Truths And Lies 8/7/2010
22. For You Woman I Shall Not Die 8/7/2010
23. He Who Would Never His Name Write 8/7/2010
24. Jealousy 8/7/2010
25. Comfortable Life 8/7/2010
26. I Am Two Fools 8/8/2010
27. Aren'T You Jarred And Jaded Of My Poems 8/8/2010
28. There Are Times When I Recall The Sweet Scents 8/8/2010
29. Fantasies And Dreams Dear Enchanters 8/8/2010
30. Guard Yourself 8/12/2010
31. Imprisoned By My Own Heart' S Gate 8/12/2010
32. Learn To Obey The Rout Of Your Destiny 8/12/2010
33. Let Me Woo You In The Wee Of The Hour 8/12/2010
34. I Love To Leave You Like This... 8/12/2010
35. How About Dawn? 8/12/2010
36. The Din Of The Metropolises 8/12/2010
37. A Gracious Silhouette On The Path Of Light 8/12/2010
38. Oh, Who Is Afraid Of Life 8/12/2010
39. The Butterfly 8/12/2010
40. Yet Though My Outer Has Altered 8/14/2010
Best Poem of Nero CaroZiv

A Forest Nymph

It was the middle of the night by the forest mossy rock
The furry feathers owl had awakened the woods clock
How drowsy were the habitants of the trees at that hour
The wind whistled and moaned ominously across the wide bower
All night the restless wind breathed low with mellower tone
Through every hollow cave and craggy alley lone

The night was stormy, chilly and haunted dark
The trees barely held to their thin, tattered peeling bark
The heavy dark gray clouds were spread in vaults high
They covered but not totally hided the canopy sky
The old ...

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Sacramento's Sacraments

Sacramento, Sacramento a city under twilight dusk
From your deserted streets the people one by one will not last
Where are all the lights and the young lads gone?
Where are all the flowers and the nightly gowns?
Solely and slowly the homeless roam in the ghostly streets
Searching morsels and shredded company in dark allies pits
Poverty and desolation scream from every corner wall
An inferno wall of fear cankering the human soul

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