Naoimh Spence

Rookie (26/10/1990 / Northern Ireland)

Biography of Naoimh Spence

I'm 21, rather mellow and lazy, a stargazer, a dreamer and a part-time philosopher. I've had a few mental health problems in my life so far, and they spanned a good few years, so naturally a lot of my poetry tells those stories. The rest of it... well, you will see for yourself.
The mundane day-to-day things in life are all inspiring in their own way, so I've done my best to portray what I see and feel as I go through life from day to day.

Naoimh Spence's Works:

I've been writing poetry for about as long as I've been able to hold a pen. Some of my poetry and stories has been published in books and magazines, none of which are terribly important. Some day I hope I'll have my own book out though! Updates

Passage Of Time

That was the past
This is now
This is the future

The past when
Nothing belonged to me
Has gone.

This is my past
and this is my present
and this is my future

And this is everything.

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