Naoimh Spence

Rookie (26/10/1990 / Northern Ireland)

Biography of Naoimh Spence

I'm 21, rather mellow and lazy, a stargazer, a dreamer and a part-time philosopher. I've had a few mental health problems in my life so far, and they spanned a good few years, so naturally a lot of my poetry tells those stories. The rest of it... well, you will see for yourself.
The mundane day-to-day things in life are all inspiring in their own way, so I've done my best to portray what I see and feel as I go through life from day to day.

Naoimh Spence's Works:

I've been writing poetry for about as long as I've been able to hold a pen. Some of my poetry and stories has been published in books and magazines, none of which are terribly important. Some day I hope I'll have my own book out though! Updates


White wings ripple the surface
Of a lake overgrown with brambles.
Stars twirl overhead, regal dancers
In the moon's warm spotlight-
A quiet wraith drifts above the surface,
As the hoof beats thunder past
In the dense brushwood.

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