Treasure Island

Najeeb Vadakkekad


Poems of Najeeb Vadakkekad

1. Accidently At Synagogue 2/21/2013
2. Borthers of Anna Karamasov 2/24/2013
3. Crows At Bridge 2/21/2013
4. Dove's Necklace 2/24/2013
5. Enlightenment As I experienced It! 2/21/2013
6. Origin Of Wells, According To Old Testament 2/21/2013
7. Sheep From Coal Mine 2/24/2013
8. Sisters of Karamazov 2/21/2013
9. The Basic Of Kafka 3/8/2013
10. The Prophet Of Lotus 2/21/2013
11. Tomb Of Teresa* 2/24/2013

Sisters of Karamazov

Hey, I am Anna,
Sister of brothers Karamazov.
I am less exposed in
Literature as
My brothers are
Famous in the land of man!
Ivan, Dmitri, Aloshya and
Even an illegitimate

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