Musfiq us shaleheen

Silver Star - 4,041 Points (31st, December,1970 / Khulna, Bangladesh)

Musfiq us shaleheen Poems

41. As I Saw Life 3/2/2013
42. As The Calling Owl Of The Night 2/26/2015
43. As The Juice Of The Fruits 4/20/2015
44. As The Rhythm Of The Strange Poem 1/5/2016
45. As The Unfinished Metaphors Of Poetry 8/31/2015
46. Autumn 9/3/2014
47. Away A Spring 3/15/2016
48. Beauty 1/17/2016
49. Beauty Of Rose 11/28/2012
50. Believers 4/9/2013
51. Between The Times Colliding 5/9/2015
52. Black Crow, A Black Crow Flies 10/5/2015
53. Blind Beauty Of The Bare Form 9/13/2016
54. Both Lost In Transit 6/28/2015
55. Broken Bridge 10/31/2015
56. Camouflage 4/29/2015
57. Caught Between Two Stools 12/20/2015
58. Choice 8/15/2014
59. Closed Door And A Diamond Crystal 8/21/2015
60. Comes Back Again And Again 9/8/2015
61. Cradle Of Clouds 8/14/2016
62. Crushing Moonlit 11/22/2014
63. Cut Into Pieces 1/5/2015
64. Cymatics Flow 5/26/2015
65. Death 6/3/2015
66. Decay Of Days 3/25/2015
67. Departed From The Dock 8/4/2016
68. Departure 3/12/2016
69. Dispersion Of Time 8/22/2014
70. Don'T Get Me Wrong 6/14/2015
71. Dreams 11/15/2013
72. Dreams Flew Away 8/14/2014
73. Dust Of Bright Star 1/25/2015
74. Dust Off Picture 1/5/2015
75. Edge Of The Spaces 3/25/2015
76. Elusive Emissions Of The Exhausted Heart! 3/20/2016
77. End Of Darkness 10/24/2012
78. Even After Taking The Morning Black Coffee 7/5/2015
79. Every Dot Takes A Space 3/17/2015
80. Face To Face 4/7/2016
Best Poem of Musfiq us shaleheen

The Lost Spring

This day you left me
And spring lost its flower forever
At early spring, young called never
Again in a low silent day,
I heard the crisping of a lost grasshopper

In a black and white glow dream
Far away from the silky moon sprung
There birds feathers were oping with high delicate
Though Pale petals were losing their pixel with pleasant
But the high divine melody colored the deep purple

Then another high spring fallen to light purple
Yellow flowers bloom on her pale face again
At Night mild murmur cools the heart of the passionate
And the ...

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My Mind Reminded You…….

Oh! My darling, my beloved darling!
My mind reminded you with those glistened days,
As the truth of the constant sun and the rolling stone

Oh! My darling, did you remember?
I wish to get the dews and clouds for you.
Your lips touched my dry lips at dawn, heavenly feels
I woke up like the daffodil blooms,
I enfolded my arms around you,

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