Musfiq us shaleheen

Bronze Star - 2,141 Points (31st, December,1970 / Khulna, Bangladesh)

Musfiq us shaleheen Poems

1. *waves Seemed To Push My Feet Again* 4/22/2015
2. *weird One Wrapped In Mystery* 3/25/2015
3. 100 Smiles 3/7/2014
4. 1971: A War Of Liberation 12/17/2013
5. A Broken Part Of Crystal Moon 5/19/2015
6. A Commitment To Love 3/2/2013
7. A Death Feeling 12/6/2012
8. A Grain Of Sand 9/13/2014
9. A Lonely Song 1/8/2013
10. A Long Way To Go, Getting To The End 8/19/2015
11. A Lost Love 3/14/2014
12. A Love Poem 1/11/2013
13. A Melancholic Song 4/6/2014
14. A Moment 2/19/2013
15. A Phoenix Bird 1/21/2013
16. A Secret 12/6/2013
17. A Shadow Within The Dark 6/6/2015
18. A Small Blanket 2/7/2013
19. A Small Boat That Has Lost In Dream 6/24/2015
20. A Starry Night 4/28/2013
21. A Toy And Joy 1/11/2014
22. A Travel To Universe 12/11/2012
23. A White Shirt That I Had Left In The Kans Grasses 3/25/2015
24. A Will 2/22/2013
25. A Yellowish Brown Paper 12/13/2013
26. Across My Unfinished Sky 7/28/2015
27. Alienation 2/16/2013
28. Alone 11/9/2013
29. An Autumnal Dream 1/31/2013
30. An Untold Love 12/30/2012
31. Any Yellow Day When Red Flamboyant Will Be Bloomed 4/27/2015
32. Anywhere In Another Time 2/4/2015
33. April 4/15/2015
34. Arrival Of Autumn -new- 10/12/2015
35. As Always 9/12/2014
36. As I Grew A Rock 9/8/2014
37. As I Saw Life 3/2/2013
38. As The Calling Owl Of The Night 2/26/2015
39. As The Juice Of The Fruits 4/20/2015
40. As The Unfinished Metaphors Of Poetry 8/31/2015
Best Poem of Musfiq us shaleheen

1971: A War Of Liberation

After Nine month bloodshed-
A healthy baby born on low
laying part of the southern earth
Neo sediments overlaid on the
footprint of bloody rustic soldier boot
Kicked off by the freedom fighter,
my bro in the liberation WAR

Though wings were broken as if,
Feather looms were exhausted
Baby afflicted to smile herself with
priceless sun shines on the horizon

They demonstrated to doom young,
Cut off my culture and raped my sister
But could not smash my
religion and cultural sympathy,
Plays over through rivers
and songs by ...

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My Mind Reminded You…….

Oh! My darling, my beloved darling!
My mind reminded you with those glistened days,
As the truth of the constant sun and the rolling stone

Oh! My darling, did you remember?
I wish to get the dews and clouds for you.
Your lips touched my dry lips at dawn, heavenly feels
I woke up like the daffodil blooms,
I enfolded my arms around you,

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