Munia Khan

Rookie (15th March.1981)

Munia Khan Poems

1. To Keats 9/8/2009
2. A Conversation With God 9/9/2009
3. Questions To The Fire 9/17/2009
4. I Just Want To Know 10/5/2009
5. Betwixt Me & Myself 10/18/2009
6. My Thoughts & The Phases Of The Moon 2/8/2010
7. Letters In A Dusty Trunk 2/8/2010
8. “come Along With Nature” 2/13/2010
9. “an Eternal Bond” 2/13/2010
10. 'The Unseen World' 2/16/2010
11. 'Poor Guilty Mind' 2/18/2010
12. "The Mandate From Heaven&Quot; 2/18/2010
13. "A Discovery'' 2/20/2010
14. 'An Idiomatic Verse' 2/20/2010
15. 'If Love Turns Sour' 2/22/2010
16. “life Has It All” 2/27/2010
17. "Don'T Be So Late&Quot;, 2/27/2010
18. “that Day Is Here With Me” 3/11/2010
19. "A Dissection&Quot; 4/8/2010
20. “a Blank Sound” 4/8/2010
21. “a Tale Of A Story” 4/8/2010
22. "Dream With Me&Quot; 4/8/2010
23. 'Colours' 5/29/2010
24. "Never Ever&Quot; 5/29/2010
25. “animals We Are! ” 5/29/2010
26. “a Stain Of Blood” 5/29/2010
27. “to Whom It May Concern” 5/29/2010
28. “burn The Page” 5/29/2010
29. “the Mirror” 5/29/2010
30. 'To Heaven From Me' 5/29/2010
31. “i Seem Happy” 5/29/2010
32. “the Hymn Of The Two Souls” 8/6/2010
33. The Dawn Of Youth 8/6/2010
34. Insanity Smiles 8/6/2010
35. “mourning For Bliss' 8/6/2010
36. “the Ceremony Has Begun” 8/6/2010
37. “a Lecherous Man” 8/6/2010
38. “the Dying Day” (A Sonnet) 8/6/2010
39. 'Gone Forever' 8/6/2010
40. 'The Road Of Vice” 8/6/2010
Best Poem of Munia Khan

'A Simple Rhyme Of Honesty'

I have to endeavor instead of trying
Need to weep a lot as I stop crying
Why should I tell when I want to say
I’d rather beg when I’m forced to pray
If I can lament I need not to mourn
When you want me to disdain I will scorn
I’ll achieve the power never to attain
I want to hurt the wound without any pain
I shouldn’t feel annoyed if I am irritated
Misfortune favours me when I’m ill fated
I am not charged when I am accused
And I can’t be rejected if I am refused
I am full of joy but I can’t be cheerful
Being hopelessly terrified I’m not at all ...

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To Keats

In the past i loved to read Yeats.
Now i am a big fan of Keats.
'Cause now i love candy more than cake.
If i grow old it won't sound fake.
Now for God's sake!
What does it take?
To learn how to make.
An ocean in stead of a lake.
Where i could swim into th pools of light.

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