Morgan Michaels

Morgan Michaels Poems

1201. X 8/18/2014
1202. Yes, But... 5/12/2013
1203. Yes/No 9/2/2014
1204. Yin And Yang 7/14/2013
1205. Yin And Yang Ii 7/14/2013
1206. You Better Be Bad When You'Re Young 8/20/2013
1207. Young And Now 9/18/2015
1208. Your Love 4/1/2014
1209. Your Parents 12/7/2014
1210. Z 9/15/2015
Best Poem of Morgan Michaels


The shade of a bird
flew through my head
and like a needle
pulling thread
drew on its tail
a diamond wake
that woke my fancys'
placid lake.
The shade is flown,
the wake is closed,
the Fancy, too,
Is recomposed

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Aunt Fritzi I

What she was is not exactly clear
but as often shown resting in an armchair reading the Times,
a journalist, perhaps? the way she looked
she could have been an ex-rockette.

It is natural and understandable
that she kept so firm a rein on Nancy,
her ward, troublesome child,
who lived with her for reasons

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