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Best Poem of Morgan Michaels

The Ideal City

Consider this marvel of Renaissance wit:
The Ideal City, by Lucian Laurana-
See how the canny master contrived in it
To lead the eye along the polished piazza
Back to a single point on the far horizon
By dint of planes, formed ny the great arcades
Of noble pallazi, their window-lit facades
Tinted shades of gold and green and dun;
At center fore, a temple, double tiered
Whose coffered, greatly-pedimented doors
Are gained by a shallow flight of marble stairs;
All around, the whole is pillastered
By half-coluns crowned by leafy capitals
While over the ...

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From 'The Double, Viii'

'God', snorted Langley, his eyes starting.
'Que', shouted Miggi, over the whine of the motor, hair flattened by the wind. English made him nervous.

'Mira-la', yelled Langley, pointing away to sea.

Straightway he saw what Langley thought would be their end. A mile or so off whirled a ghostly waterspout, like a dancer en point on the whitecap-ridden main.

To be sure, he found it less alarming than Langley, because he was cool under fire and had seen them before. This one rattled him, th

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